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Why You Need a WingWoman

By  Jackie Potts

Ladies, there’s nothing more essential for a successful MeetMoi  meetup than a killer wingwoman.  She carries gum and ibuprofen, can spot a creepy married man at 20 paces and never lets you leave the restroom with TP on your heels.  With her help, when you meet that cute guy who likes dub-step and Tim Tebow just as much as you, your mutual posses mesh beautifully.

Our mobile dating service now offers a feature called Wingman that introduces you and your favorite wingwomen to other nearby groups so you can chat with other MeetMoi members together. But choosing the right gal pal is critical.  She should have your back and know that rubbing her lady parts suggestively on the arm of the guy you’re talking to is a clear violation of the friendship rules.

Here are 5 traits of the perfect wingwoman:

  1. She’s not mouthy. Your fun pal who tells guys at the sports bar that only “punks wear Yankee caps” – yep, leave her home.
  2. She’s not a spotlight hog. An ideal wingwoman is secure in her personality and appearance. She plays well with others and can entertain herself if you head off to the dancefloor. She doesn’t fake a nip slip or yell, “Anyone wanna see me fit 20 maraschino cherries in my mouth?” if she feels neglected.
  3.  She can moderate her alcohol intake. Your wingwoman needs to have a clear head for the job. She shouldn’t guzzle martinis like a depressed drag queen or vomit in your purse. Eww.
  4. She’s doesn’t indulge in sulky backhanded compliments. People who feel inadequate try to “level” others with comments like, “I wish I could wear tops like yours and not look like a hooker,” Or “Your new hairpieces are amazing! I’d never guess you got them at the 99 cent store.”
  5. She thinks fast on her feet. A wingwoman senses when the party’s ending or you need a quick exit, and smoothly invents an excuse to leave.

Do your party pals pass this BFF test? If not, think broader – your perfect wingwoman might be a wingMAN.


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