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From the mouth of MeetMoi Interns: What your username says about you

by Mijon Zulu

When Juliet stood at her window, she did not say “Oh 33slush45, 33slush45, Where for art thou 33slush45”?  Right?  Right. For that reason, picking a username is something that you should not do under the influence of anything or while joking with your friends.

Bad usernames are something born out of the newness of the Internet and companies like AOL bringing chatting to the masses.  Yes, once upon a time I too made the mistake of using ‘nuvoyant17’.  Was I 17? No. Why nuvoyant? I used to take French and I thought that phrase meant ‘clear seeing’ or ‘clairvoyant’, but it actually reads ‘sees-naked’.  Oops! My bad.

Thankfully, at MeetMoi, we monitor usernames to prevent you from making the following mistakes.

  1. Random numbers and symbols
    1. As showcased by Juliet, this is simply boring, confusing, and not memorable.
  1. Nonsensical phrases, fake words, and/text language
    1. Examples include: ‘Waiting4U’, ‘CanUdoIt’, and ‘Onlyluv4U’ .  Usernames like these start to make other users wonder whether you can spell and that never something that you want to put in a potential significant other’s mind.
  1. Usernames from a Diane Steele book
    1. Yes, Diane Steele can write a good heart wrenching, depressing, sad, and inexplicably long novel about bad things that happen to good people. Great. Do you necessarily want to date all of that baggage? Hell no! So, before start trying to make people feel sorry for you, remember no one wants to date someone because they feel sorry for them.
  1. Putting anything sexual in your username.
    1. Guys, when you do this you sound like a predator.  No woman will trust that you aren’t just after a one night-or-shorter-stand.
    2. Girls, when you do this, yes, you show that you are liberated, but a guy may think twice before mentioning your username or you to his mother.  Remember, you do want to eventually meet his mother.

Also, because we love you, we interns promise to do some research on how to create acceptable usernames. Till then, watch out for the warning signs listed above.

Happy Meeting!


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May 21, 2012 · 4:54 pm

From the mouth of MeetMoi interns: Gender Fail

by Mijon Zulu

From the walls of the swanky MeetMoi SoHo office, we interns live a privileged life.  We get treated to quick sightings of our favorite celebs – namely Gwyneth on the morning of the 2012 Met Gala, working with a great team of experts, the quintessential kickball game, and some rather peculiar user problems.

For example:

MeetMoi profile
Did you see it?

MeetMoi profile

Let me break it down:

  1. Man seeks woman.
  2. Man joins MeetMoi.
  3. Man enters search preferences.
  4. Man gets matched with a man because he put the genders in the wrong order.

Keep in mind ladies; you are totally guilty of this too!  It is so important that, in the least, the gender you seek and the gender that you are, are entered in the right order.  Otherwise, all your MeetMoi Intros will be unhappy, awkward mismatches.  So use the skills that helped you get further in school, work, and life in general.  Double check your forms and take a look at the finished product.

Happy Meeting!

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