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First Date Advice: How to Click in 4 Minutes

By Jackie Potts

Good news for singles: You only need four minutes to hit it off with someone new, and we’ve got some first date advice to help tip the scales in your favor.

Think dating chemistry is all about money and appearance? It really has nothing to do with your car or designer labels, according to a new Stanford University dating study. It’s all about showing compassion, enthusiasm and using the following conversation skills.

By analyzing nearly 1,000 dates, geeky guys Dan McFarland and Dan Jurafsky found that how words were delivered, when and for how long determined the strongest connections. And four minutes is all it takes to spark “a meaningful relationship,” they said.

During these mini-dates, women were definitely the deciders in whether or not the conversations would continue, but both genders can do several things to ensure a second date.

  • Show approval. Use phrases like “That’s awesome” or “Good for you.”
  • Be empathetic. If a date shares a hardship tale, respond with, “That must be tough on you,” or something supportive. Women like guys who seem to understand their problems.
  • Share a short personal or funny story. Spilled BBQ sauce on your shirt? Rode an elevator once with Lil Wayne? Talk about it. But avoid complaining or “Can you believe my ex?” anecdotes.
  • Watch out for the “I” monster. If every other word out of your mouth is “I,” you’re losing your date.
  • Show vocal enthusiasm. Laughing and making your voice louder or softer to mirror the other person’s help create an emotional connection.
  • Don’t grill the other person. What’d you do today? Where do you work out? Hey, where are you going? People lose interest when asked question after question.

Interestingly, both guys and girls reported stronger connections when the conversation focused on her. Take it from Beyonce: Who run the world? Girls.

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How to Get Along with Men: 5 Things to Say to a Guy (and Avoid Saying)

by Jackie Potts

Earlier this month, we revealed the top 5 Things to Say to Women, according to a poll in The Daily Mail. Now, we’re presenting the flip side for women: 5 things to say to a guy you like that he actually wants to hear.

Sometimes we make the mistake of trying to talk to men like they’re our girlfriends. We might inadvertently share news about “that cute new guy” at work, or push a crush to share feelings he’s not yet ready to reveal.

The thing is: Guys aren’t our girlfriends. They’re not always psyched to hear about your new manicure or probe why they’re clashing with the boss. Sometimes they just want to chill with some wings and beer.

These lines were contributed by real men folk, and we hope they’ll work whether you’re just trying to approach that hottie at Starbucks or want to nudge things along with a guy you’ve just started seeing.

  1.  “Hi, I have a Playstation.”
  2. “I just want you to be yourself.” (This can mean understanding when he wants to spend a Friday night working on a personal project or even watching the new Ultimate Fighting match.)
  3. “I’m behind you 100%. Whatever you want to do.” (Ladies, you don’t always have to be in control.)
  4. “Which action movie do you want to see this weekend?” (Let him pick the movie. It probably won’t be so bad LOL.)
  5. “Why don’t you go out with your friends (and see that movie) tonight — you deserve it.” (If it really is that bad.)

Our man-pals also suggested women avoid saying these things to guys:

“Wow, that guy’s hot” (about someone else). “Why are you so quiet? Is something wrong?”

And men say they really hate it when women make them dance in public. Guess they’re not all Magic Mike wannabes.

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How to Get Along with Women (5 Things Not to Say)

by Jackie Potts

In a drug-store aisle packed with colorful greeting cards, this one leaped out: “Your butt does NOT look fat.” I grabbed the last card and desperately rifled the shelves for more (drats, no luck).

Clearly, this card writer has mastered The Secret of how to talk to women. And so can you, guys. (Even if you botched that whole Valentine’s Day thing.)

All you have to do is memorize that phrase and avoid saying the following five things to your crush, babe, honey or dummy. (In fact, scratch “dummy” off your list, that’s a ticking timebomb right there.)

According to a new poll of 500 lasses in that elite British journal, the Daily Mail, these are the top things not to say to a woman by percentage of votes, lightly translated from the Queen’s English to Queens, N.Y.

5. Will you need a hand parking that, luv? (11%) Need help parallel parking, honey?

4. Calm down, dear! (12%) Calm the eff down!

3. You look tired. (13%) (Ugh, no translation needed)

2. Yes, your bum looks big! (17%) Yes, your butt looks fat! (Yeegads, don’t even bother showing your face without a mea culpa frappuccino after uttering this one.)

1. When’s it due? (26%) How many months are you? (Just stop, drop and roll if you say this to a female who isn’t pregnant.)

So what should you say to an attractive human with girlie parts? “I’m fascinated by your mind,” “You know, I wouldn’t change a thing about you,” and “I got you this cupcake, because you’re awesome” are all pretty much bulletproof.

Got a phrase you like or don’t like? Share it here. And tune in later this month for our companion piece, “How to Get Along with Men.”

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Awkward Moments in Texting & How to Handle Them

by Jackie Potts

Text message technology may have turned 20 on Dec. 3 (Happy Burpday, Texts!), but text etiquette? It’s apparently flunking debate at Bronson Alcott High. (Clueless, anyone?) No one seems to know exactly what the rules are and when it comes to mobile dating, things can get pretty awkward, pretty quickly.

Examples: How do you respond when your new crush mistakenly sends you a text meant for someone else? Derp. What about when you don’t want a second date with that nice bloke/goddess you just met for coffee? Erm. Heh.

To find out, we consulted the pinnacle of manners herself, Miss Emily Post (author of the 1922 tome “Etiquette”). Born in 1872, Emily is now  140 years old. So it was slightly surprising to discover the old goose had a webpage dedicated to Text Etiquette on Behold her stellar advice …

For the lightning-fast thumb typist, Emily advises:  “If you receive a text that was sent to you by mistake, reply explaining that you aren’t the intended recipient. You don’t have to respond to anything else in the message.”

We’re pretty sure that means no ALL-CAPS interrogations about who the message was really intended for, or profane rants about the sender’s character. You are, however, invited to assign Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” to the sender’s caller ID.

For that hopeful dater-ista who didn’t fire your jets, Emily says: “You shouldn’t use text messaging when informing someone of sad news … unless it’s to set up a phone call on the subject.” Agreed. But no one really wants to get a phone call to hear why they’ve been rejected, do they?

Take it from a fun golf date I had. Later, he texted, “I enjoyed meeting you, but I don’t feel a connection. Good luck in your search.”  Polite, direct, non-specific. Sure, it smarts for an hour or two, but at least you’re not staring down the phone, waiting for the next date invite that never comes.

Got an awkward text moment you need a reply for? Share it here and we’ll  come up with a suitable retort!

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Stop! Read This Before You Send That Sexy Text

By Jackie Potts

Let’s say your MeetMoi Intro is going swimmingly. The chemistry’s electric and the night’s a delicious blur. In fact, even though you’ve only met once, the next day you feel compelled to share … more. So you take a deep breath and type a sexy text  …  that accidentally goes to your boss, your ex or, hold onto your iPhones, your MOM.

You’ve just been burned by the sexting gods. So before you dip your toe into the murky waters of dirty texting (photos or sexually explicit messages), consider these consequences: Text  messages can’t be recalled and plenty of things can go awry, from mis-sent texts to sexual harassment charges to torpedoed Congressional careers (remember Anthony Weiner?).

Most women have stories of receiving explicit texts or photos from overeager Barneys, which they immediately deleted. But we learned while reporting this post that guys can be just as easily offended.

Mike, 28, recalls a lady friend who came on way too strong: “After turning down her texts, one day she texted asking if I wanted to have a 3-way with her and another guy… That’s definitely the way to my heart … LOL.”

At MeetMoi, we don’t condone sending any texts that are abusive, harassing, vulgar, obscene, or invasive of another’s privacy. (What you do on your own time is your own risky business.) However, before you send that sexy text or photo, ask yourself these questions:

  • How well do I really know this person?
  • Are they conservative or do they have religious values that could be offended by flirty texts?
  • Do they share their phone with anyone else – a family member, co-worker, or friend?
  • Are their phones easily visible in their work place? Do they take their phones to client or office meetings?
  • Are their phones unlocked so that anyone can see their photos or instant messages?
  • Would I be embarrassed if this text were to be made public to friends, coworkers or family members?

Do you have a naughty text story that went wrong? Share it with us here!


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How to Talk to Guys: 5 Opening Lines for Women

By Jackie Potts

Ladies, ever spot a cute guy but been paralyzed as to how to start a conversation? It used to be fine to play coy and wait for him to approach, but this is 2012, the year of Lady GaGa and Carly Rae Jepsen (Dude, call her already, won’t you?)!

It’s time for you to make the first move, but, never fear, MeetMoi is here to be your wingwoman.  After all, that guy you’re crushing on at the bar may be intimidated because (a) you’re surrounded by a loud group of girls, (b) he just scarfed down a burger piled with onions and doesn’t have a breath mint, or (d) he doesn’t know what to say.  So, if you’ve ever been rendered speechless by a set of dimples, try one of these no-fail opening lines (several also work via MeetMoi message, too):

  1. Hi, You look like my next ex boyfriend. Humor is a great ice-breaker and this little bon mot is sure to get his attention either via MeetMoi message or in person. Plus, if he doesn’t get the joke, then you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re smarter than he (er, him).
  2.  I just fell off the wagon. Will you be my sponsor?  Believe us, we have nothing but the greatest respect for those who’ve ditched Mr. Al K. Hall. That’s why the beauty of this dandy is that it works either in a bar setting or at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.
  3.  Didn’t I see you at [nearby trendy restaurant or bar]? This is innocent, totally unverifiable, and not 100% stalker-ish at all.
  4. Did you hear [Incubus, Tool or U2] are breaking up? Oh, if I had a Louis Vuitton Speedy for every time a guy asked me to a Tool concert! It’s irrelevant whether this info is true or not. What does matter is that these are bands guys like (you can adjust your band choice by geographical region or genre), and if they’re into music, it will definitely spark their interest. If they genuinely don’t care, then ask, “What kind of music do you like?” to keep the ball rolling.
  5. Which do you like better – the new Camaro or the old Camaro? A reliable guy friend assures me that this is an idiot-proof way to talk to guys because they always have opinions about cars. If he’s the earth-conscious-type, you could always switch to the “new Prius or the old Prius”?

Bonus line:

I don’t bite. – Saunter over and murmur this to the cute but shy guy who keeps staring at you from across the bar.


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Your OMG! Texting Guide: A Male/Female Text Translation

By Jackie Potts

Texting? Oh yeah, you’ve got TXT SWAG. SRSLY. You’re so down, your keypad has flames on it. Even your thumbprints are in the texting hall of fame! So why did that hottie you met at the last MeetMoi event stop texting you back? Things were going TOTZ SWT (totally sweet). You texted morning and night, lots of LULZ (strings of LOLs) and then – silence. Now, even the Mars Rover couldn’t pick up their signal!

You may know how to text, but are you missing the, um, subtext? Sure, nothing beats texting for flirting and killing time (when you’re really in a boring staff meeting!). But behind all the LMAOs and <3s , there’s hidden context. If you miss, or misread it, you could find yourself *ignored*…or worse, banished to Troll Town.

Happily, MeetMoi has your back. First, let us share a few simple rules for Text-topia…

  • Acknowledge. If your latest crush texts, and you can’t text back within 20 minutes, send a smiley face or “Talk later?” For ladies, nothing cools a potential romance faster than if she thinks you’re ignoring her texts. A smiley from a guy shows you’ve gotten the message, but you just can’t reply at the moment. If it’s hours later, a short explanation (“in a meeting” or “phone died” suffices.)
  • Avoid TMI (too much information). Congratulations! You have a life. No need to document your every workout or meal. A little mystery goes a long way.
  • Steer clear of one-word answers. Put a little flavor in your texts.“Coo” or “K” are fine for firming up plans, but will send you to Kas-Text-istan if that’s your entire game.

Do you wish you had a text translator? Check this out. Here’s how to find out if discontent—or a booty call—is what’s really on your crush’s mind.

Things girls text:

❤  = Luv!

LOL = Meh.

Cool = I don’t care.

BRB = I’m bored with this convo.

TTYL! = Someone more interesting is texting me.

! = I like you, but not that much.

!! = I like you. Seriously!!

!!! = I’m on my third latte!!!

🙂 = Can’t talk now.

Things guys text:

Sup = Hi.

Hey = I have no game.

Hi gorgeous = I have too much game.

Whatcha doing? = What are you wearing?

Send me a pic = I forget what you look like.

😉 = I’m horny.


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