Here’s How Guitar Players Meet More Women

by Jackie Potts

Your suspicion that women dig guys with guitars is correct. Behold the scientific proof …

Dudes carrying guitar cases collected more women’s phone numbers and set up more dates than regular Joes, according to a real-life, street-corner dating study of twentysomethings.

And it gets better: The guy never even has to play the guitar.

Here’s how the experiment went down: Researchers told a 20-year-old guy to approach 300 women, ages 18 to 22, in a busy French shopping district. In all cases, the guy used the same “script.” He introduced himself, complimented the woman, asked for her phone number and invited her to meet for a drink later.

The only difference in each encounter was his accessory. He was either empty-handed, carrying a sports bag, or holding a guitar case.

Nearly one third of the women, 31 percent, handed their phone numbers over when he was holding the guitar case. A not-too-shabby 14 percent turned their digits over when he was empty-handed.

And when he was holding the sports bag? A measly 9 percent forked out their numbers to the sidewalk player when he was holding his sweaty gym clothes.

Take it from country Casanovas Brad Paisley and Keith Urban.

Just get you a guitar and learn how to play, Cut up some jeans, come up with a name. When you’re living in a world that you don’t understand, Find a few good buddies, start a band.”

Not comfortable going on tour? Put your musical aspirations in your dating profile.

(And you can still work out too.) Happy hunting!

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