Can’t Stop Thinking About Your Ex? Try This

by Jackie Potts

The breakup happened, and enough time has passed that you’re ready to hit the dating circuit again. So … why do you keep hovering over your ex’s Facebook page? What inspired you to send this text at 10 p.m. Saturday night: “No one gets our jokes. I miss U. Call me!!! L L L L”?

Take heart. You’re not alone: An astonishing 88 percent of men and women creep on an ex online after a breakup, according to a study by the University of Western Ontario. And being de-friended doesn’t stop us Wile. E Cyberstalkers. Seventy percent use a friend’s Facebook account to “peep” on our peeps. Another 50 percent text or call in spite of discouragement. (Yep, guilty here too.)

Thinking about your ex is normal. But talking and acting on that wastes time, exhausts friendships, and stops you from meeting cool new singles on Stop circling the “If only we were back together … ” drain now, and reboot your brain.

Inspired by Eastern-based philosopy, this system works for smoking, procrastinating, the munchies, and the breakup blues.

Grab a pen and paper and make two lists. Title the first, “Things I Won’t Miss About [YOUR EX’S NAME],” and include his or her most non-supportive or annoying habits. Then list 10 things, like “being stood up,” “feeling nagged,” or “that yappy dog.”

The second list contains future positives from being newly single. Call this one, “Things I’m Looking Forward to Without Jenny or Josh.” List 10 more things, like “freedom to watch the game” or “girls’ night!”

Then, read both lists once a day, preferably before bed — and stop stalking your ex.

In a few days or weeks, your subconscious will be magically reprogrammed. Try it, and let us know your results.

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