Alternative Pick-Up Spots

by Sabrina Cohen

Bars have always been the typical go-to spot for mixing and mingling. But there are so many other places to meet people. Whether you need a temporary break from the scene or just want to diversify, here are a few suggestions worth checking out.

Farmers markets are in season and loaded with wholesome, chill people. Conversation starters abound with interesting culinary delights at every turn. The colorful sights and flavorful fresh eats are enough to stimulate the senses, inspire bold smiles, and attract some eye candy.

Grab a dog and walk, because nothing attracts more promising attention than an adorable pooch. It’s a great excuse to approach someone and strike up light-hearted conversation without the pressure. Forget your wingman/woman and head to the park or for a stroll around the hood with your canine companion. Don’t have a dog of your own? Offer to walk a friend’s!

Intramural sports are great for exercising your athleticism, enjoying camaraderie among peers, reliving old high-school glories, and engaging in healthy, testosterone-fueled competition. Most are also great opportunities for socializing—both during and after the game. Find a co-ed team and unleash your inner athlete.

Networking events are really “flirtation-fests” in disguise. Dress in your professional best and start schmoozing! Getting someone’s number will never be easier than simply asking for a business card. Some events involve cocktails for further encouragement. Just remember to keep it classy. And when you get home, connect on LinkedIn to review the goods and engage the relationship further.

Where do you have the most luck picking up dates? We want to know!

Sabrina Cohen is a blogger, copywriter, and creative consultant for


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