Would You Date Someone You Met on a Plane?

by Jackie Potts

Think that blonde checking her designer luggage is cute? Want to strike up a chat with that Tom Brady lookalike you saw at the airline gate?

Virgin Airlines founder and international man of mystery Richard Branson wants to hook you up. He recently announced his “Get Lucky on Virgin America” feature, which enables airline passengers to send cocktails or snacks to newfound crushes in mid-flight.

Virgin says passengers can locate their dream seat-mates on a digital seat map and swipe a credit card to order him or her a drink through the airline’s red in-flight entertainment system. You can then follow up with a text message using the seat-to-seat chat function.

Genius? Or a little too Austin Powers groovy, baby?

The idea is certainly inspired. Virgin America planes already feel like airborne nightclubs. They’re bathed in dim purple lighting and volumes of popular music are available to spin from the seatback touch screens. Throw in a cocktail or two, and your inhibitions just melt away.

The problem is the venue. On a plane, there’s nowhere to escape if you get shot down, Scott Evil-style. Being the rejector or the rejectee becomes a lot less fun when you’re facing a 3-hour runway delay because of sequester cuts.  And what about marrieds looking for a little fun on the side with unsuspecting singles? Suddenly, Snakes on a Plane takes on a whole new meaning.

Our solution? Try your luck on the ground at airports. With Meetmoi, you can use your mobile device to scan the concourses and find cuties with like-minded music and sports interests. There are restaurants, coffee shops and bars at which to meet and, if it doesn’t work out? Oops, there’s the boarding announcement for your flight.

What’s your take? Would you rather meet on-board or on the ground?

Jackie Potts is a blogger at MarketSmiths.com. 


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