Dating Double Standards: Age-Defying Dating

by Sabrina Cohen

Centuries ago men courted women young enough to be their daughters, primarily because they represented fertility. Young women were seen as a viable way to bear children and keep the man’s bloodline going.  In some cultures that perspective is still alive and well.

Today, thanks in part to Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez, and of course, Stella Got Her Groove Back, it’s becoming more common and more socially acceptable for women to date much younger men. It’s likely been going on forever, but nowadays we seem to be taking it all more seriously. Why? As we see more examples of real, long-term relationships between consenting adults, we let go of the clichéd sex-driven stereotypes about wealthy older women and their money hungry boy toys.

As women become increasingly independent, they no longer seek men for the sake of security and stability. As a result, many have found a whole new dating pool in younger men where they never thought to look before. As our culture becomes more open-minded, more people consider dating outside the status quo and stepping out in those relationships; the more examples we see, the more accepting we become. The cycle continues as the old concept is broken down and a new one is strengthened.

This younger crop of men sees cougars as sex bombs as opposed to spinsters. They celebrate independent women, finding their experience and maturity a turn-on instead of a threat. Not surprisingly, women are finding that equally attractive in return.

Are you a woman who’s dated a younger man, or a man who prefers dating older women? Share your experience below!

Sabrina Cohen is a blogger, copywriter, and creative consultant for








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