Break-Offs And Breakups: How To End Things Gracefully

by Sabrina Cohen

Rejecting someone—especially after you’ve gone on one or four dates—can be awkward and anxiety provoking. When a MeetMoi dating cycle has run its course, how you choose to end things speaks volumes. We’ve included the most common modes of breaking it off below, along with our insights on delivering each with grace.

1) The blow off might be the best route if your relationship was casual (no intimacies exchanged—sexual or otherwise) or brief (less than three dates, say). It’s a non-verbal hint that works nicely.

2) The hint occupies the middle ground. Being physically unavailable and downgrading your contact to succinct, non-flirtatious texts sends the no-interest signal clearly—without spelling it out. If he or she misses the memo, move onto method #3.

3) It’s absolutely possible to deliver the direct rejection without pandering or pitying. Avoid clichés like, “it’s not you, it’s me.” Instead, give him or her something real. Maybe you didn’t feel the chemistry. Maybe it freaked you out that he seems overly eager to get into a relationship. Our advice: keep it short, positive, and straight-up honest.

Be compassionate, and focus on what feels right to you, not on the person’s reaction. Remember, most people just want to hear the truth so they can move on with clarity and insight.

How do you typically end things? Share your comments below!

Sabrina Cohen is a blogger, copywriter, and creative consultant for



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