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How to Get Along with Men: 5 Things to Say to a Guy (and Avoid Saying)

by Jackie Potts

Earlier this month, we revealed the top 5 Things to Say to Women, according to a poll in The Daily Mail. Now, we’re presenting the flip side for women: 5 things to say to a guy you like that he actually wants to hear.

Sometimes we make the mistake of trying to talk to men like they’re our girlfriends. We might inadvertently share news about “that cute new guy” at work, or push a crush to share feelings he’s not yet ready to reveal.

The thing is: Guys aren’t our girlfriends. They’re not always psyched to hear about your new manicure or probe why they’re clashing with the boss. Sometimes they just want to chill with some wings and beer.

These lines were contributed by real men folk, and we hope they’ll work whether you’re just trying to approach that hottie at Starbucks or want to nudge things along with a guy you’ve just started seeing.

  1.  “Hi, I have a Playstation.”
  2. “I just want you to be yourself.” (This can mean understanding when he wants to spend a Friday night working on a personal project or even watching the new Ultimate Fighting match.)
  3. “I’m behind you 100%. Whatever you want to do.” (Ladies, you don’t always have to be in control.)
  4. “Which action movie do you want to see this weekend?” (Let him pick the movie. It probably won’t be so bad LOL.)
  5. “Why don’t you go out with your friends (and see that movie) tonight — you deserve it.” (If it really is that bad.)

Our man-pals also suggested women avoid saying these things to guys:

“Wow, that guy’s hot” (about someone else). “Why are you so quiet? Is something wrong?”

And men say they really hate it when women make them dance in public. Guess they’re not all Magic Mike wannabes.

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Spring Fever Series: Upscale Rooftop Bars in NYC

By Sabrina Cohen

At long last, spring has officially sprung! The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and singles are prowling. Celebrate the onset of the unofficial mating season by heading to one of these swanky rooftop spots for your next MeetMoi matchup. Stay tuned for more date spots to honor all things spring!

  1. For those who say size matters, 230 Fifth hails as New York’s largest rooftop garden. The massive 22,000 square foot space juxtaposes impeccably pruned greenery and warm wood benches against a sea of concrete skyscrapers. Tropical charm ensues as you sip your coconut pineapple martini under the stars, high above the hustle-and-bustle. If it happens to get chilly, grab a complimentary red robe and cozy up with your date under a space heater, or head inside to the Penthouse Lounge.
  2. The Press Lounge is 8,500 square feet of sophisticated swank sitting atop the Ink48 Hotel. With its unobstructed 360° views, slick Miami-inspired design, and notable wine list, it’s no surprise this space has won its share of awards. Win some accolades with your date as you share sprawling views of the Hudson over seasonal small plates and classically refined cocktails. If this place doesn’t ignite the romance, nothing will.
  3. Going Upstairs at the Kimberly Hotel means being transported to an urban oasis with eye-popping panoramic views of Manhattan. Enjoy bites like baby lamb lollipops and drinks like The Chrysler—made with the finest honey, fresh lemon and lime, and topped with a little French love juice (aka champagne)! Upstairs brings the living room vibe outdoors with neo-gothic furniture and a refreshingly anti-patio sophistication.

What will you do to nurse your spring fever? Share with us below!

Sabrina Cohen is a blogger, copywriter, and creative consultant for

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How to Get Along with Women (5 Things Not to Say)

by Jackie Potts

In a drug-store aisle packed with colorful greeting cards, this one leaped out: “Your butt does NOT look fat.” I grabbed the last card and desperately rifled the shelves for more (drats, no luck).

Clearly, this card writer has mastered The Secret of how to talk to women. And so can you, guys. (Even if you botched that whole Valentine’s Day thing.)

All you have to do is memorize that phrase and avoid saying the following five things to your crush, babe, honey or dummy. (In fact, scratch “dummy” off your list, that’s a ticking timebomb right there.)

According to a new poll of 500 lasses in that elite British journal, the Daily Mail, these are the top things not to say to a woman by percentage of votes, lightly translated from the Queen’s English to Queens, N.Y.

5. Will you need a hand parking that, luv? (11%) Need help parallel parking, honey?

4. Calm down, dear! (12%) Calm the eff down!

3. You look tired. (13%) (Ugh, no translation needed)

2. Yes, your bum looks big! (17%) Yes, your butt looks fat! (Yeegads, don’t even bother showing your face without a mea culpa frappuccino after uttering this one.)

1. When’s it due? (26%) How many months are you? (Just stop, drop and roll if you say this to a female who isn’t pregnant.)

So what should you say to an attractive human with girlie parts? “I’m fascinated by your mind,” “You know, I wouldn’t change a thing about you,” and “I got you this cupcake, because you’re awesome” are all pretty much bulletproof.

Got a phrase you like or don’t like? Share it here. And tune in later this month for our companion piece, “How to Get Along with Men.”

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How To Sidestep Shyness

by Sabrina Cohen

The dating world is already daunting. Add in shyness and increase the challenge factor. But all’s not lost: with effort, persistence, courage, and the below tips, even the most timid dater can overcome!


A good ol’ fashioned smile is easy to flash. It’s also pleasantly disarming. Smiles have a way of quieting insecurities for both of you—and upping the ante on confidence, friendliness, and fun. It’s also great to precede your smile by making (and holding) eye contact with someone you find attractive. Yes, stare—and use their gaze back as a doorway to connect.

Ask for directions

You’ve gotta be on your toes for this one. If you see someone you like, jump at the opportunity by asking for directions. Be a little proactive: figure out a nearby “faux” spot. Practicing on a regular basis can help you ease out of the shy zone. Spend some time walking around and stopping random people for directions. Warm up by starting with people you don’t want to date. Then move on to more challenging prospects. Remember: no risk, no reward.

Ask about a spot to eat

Go a step further by inquiring about something open-ended, like area eateries. Your question can spark conversation about the neighborhood, food preferences and beyond. Mention having time to kill (hint hint). If the person is interested, it can be your first date!

How do you overcome an attack of shyness? Share your approach below!

Sabrina Cohen is a blogger, copywriter, and creative consultant for


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The Spin: How to Silence Your Cynical Self

by Sabrina Cohen

In the wake of undesirable dating experiences, we often punish ourselves with cynical thoughts, emotions, and conversations—including with ourselves. While we can’t control outside factors, we can control our reactions, and bounce back stronger than ever.

Language dictates attitudes, and attitude dictates behavior. Discouragement and cynicism breed bitterness, and no one finds that attractive. With awareness, we can choose a reaction that’s healthy as opposed to one that will perpetuate more of the same. Review the following examples and notice the power perception plays in how we interpret situations. The next time it all goes to hell, silence your cynical self by practicing the spin.


1) Your recent dates have been a barrage of dysfunction.

The cynic: Are there any normal women/men out there?!!

The spin: I’m so ready to meet someone grounded like me.


2) All of your friends are coupled up and you’re noticeably single.

The cynic: I must be the only one alone for a reason.

The spin: The right person is worth waiting for.


3) Your last breakup had you reeling in heartbreak.

The cynic: I’d rather be alone than risk being hurt.

The spin:  I’m open to finding someone, but I’ll focus on myself till then.


4) Your last significant other resented how much time you spent on work.

The cynic: I have to choose between a career and a love life.

The spin: I can have it all! The right person will appreciate my ambition.


How do you bounce back from bad dating experiences? Share with us below!

Sabrina Cohen is a blogger, copywriter, and creative consultant for





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The Friend Zone: Fact or Fiction? Part I

by Sabrina Cohen

My friend recently dated a guy she met at a business networking function. He was handsome, successful, well packaged, and well mannered. They kept in touch and he suggested they meet under the guise of a potential work collaboration. She got the sense he was interested, but wasn’t sure how she felt. She went in open-minded, hoping something would spark.

They enjoyed great conversation, genuine laughs, and had more in common than expected. But there were also significant differences. He was a bit older, newly divorced with grown children, and ultimately looking for his next leading lady. She was more circumspect: happy to live the single life.

Despite a strong interpersonal connection, she just wasn’t feeling it. She broke the news, expressing a genuine desire to keep in touch. To her surprise, he agreed. Maybe it was his maturity. Maybe he saw an opportunity to win her over in time. Maybe he just didn’t want to burn a bridge.

Does the urban myth of platonic friendship actually exist? What do you think?

To be continued…

Sabrina Cohen is a blogger, copywriter, and creative consultant for

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Serial Daters: Playing The Field Or Playing It Safe?

by Sabrina Cohen

Are you a one-date wonder wading aimlessly through the dating pool, stopping just long enough to find fault with every potential fish that passes by? Are you a perpetual player or just playing it safe?

In my eyes, there’s never a right time to pursue a relationship you know isn’t right. But there’s a difference between standing for what you want and having unrealistic expectations. Is it just that you haven’t found “the one” yet, or are you plagued by perfectionism?

Here’s how you can tell the difference:

  1. Trust your body over your mind: By “body” I mean intuition. Be rational, but indulge gut instincts over analytical judgments. Ever feel something you can’t put a finger on? Trusting that may lead you to someone you wouldn’t have thought to consider.
  2. Identify resistance: Is it the feeling that this person isn’t right for you, or is it plain old fear (of commitment, being hurt, hurting someone else)? Is there a real lack of connection, or are you prematurely selling yourself on why it wouldn’t work out? Awareness is key. Stop to take a hard look and insert brutal honesty.
  3. Adopt the “no risk, no reward” mentality: Sometimes a leap of faith outside your comfort zone can surprise you into opening up in a way you haven’t before. If you’re questioning your feelings, give it the benefit of the doubt—take a chance and go on another date!

Ever been caught up in a serial dating cycle? How did you get off the wheel? Share your insights below!

Sabrina Cohen is a blogger, copywriter, and creative consultant for

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