Where to Meet Men and Women Besides the Bars

by Jackie Potts

My weekend excursions to the local golf courses have become a bit of a running joke among my friends. But hey, I’m crazy like a fox – a digit-collecting fox!

Sure, I like to smack a golfball and make a birdie as much as the next newbie golfer, but, ladies, that’s not all that keeps me going back. The secret? Golf courses are like a man buffet without a ladyfinger in sight.  Not only do the men outnumber the women, but most male golfers are polite, welcoming and literally bend over backwards to help a golfette with her clubs or just make small talk before the next hole.

These outings have resulted in lots of dates, friendships and just pleasant afternoons. Which got me thinking: When it comes to meeting members of the opposite sex, are you working the odds? Forget crowded bars and restaurants, here are under-utilized places to meet guys and girls and make new MeetMoi intros:

Places to Meet Men:

Golf Courses  — Ladies, think of the driving range alley like your own personal runway and Work It.

Cigar Shops – Choose your flavor of stogie – caramel, cherry, even Amaretto – and your flavor of homme.

Dog Parks – Man’s best friend is who? That’s right, Grumpus Maximus.

Rock Shows/Concerts – Hit the concession stands and concourses – a great way to meet new people.

Places to Meet Women:

Nail Salons – Guys, you’d be more irresistible than Brad Pitt dipped in chocolate if you got a pedicure on a Saturday morning.

Yoga Classes – A dude performing the Warrior II pose? Namaste!

Yogurt Shops  Invite your new yoga groupies to a yogurt shop after class. (There’s always one nearby.)

Farmer’s Markets – Sure, you might have to get up before 10 a.m., but think of the selection.

Jackie Potts is a blogger at MarketSmiths.com. 



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2 responses to “Where to Meet Men and Women Besides the Bars

  1. Tammy weaver

    Like to meet a sweet guy

  2. i like to meet sweet guys

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