How to Be a Heartbreaker

By Ella Riley-Adams

Marina and the Diamonds’ latest album follows the exploits of “Electra Heart,” a made-up woman who represents a variety of female archetypes, says the musician. Among them, Marina mentions the house wife, teen idol, home wrecker, and, of course, the heartbreaker. Her video for “How to Be a Heartbreaker” won The Hairpin’s Best of the Best Music award for “Best Commitment to a Concept.”

When really, Electra will do anything but commit. “How to Be a Heartbreaker” outlines the rules for self-protection and overall domination in the face of romance. It speaks to the times when we all get tired of being open-minded and occasionally vulnerable; we turn in our soft sides for a more kickass, even villainous version of ourselves.

According to the lyrics, these are Marina’s rules. We have some suggestions for how you can play by them:

1. You gotta have fun. In the video, this is made evident by her gallivanting in a giant shower room, surrounded by a flock of nearly-naked male models. For you, that means submitting to your cravings on a daily basis. If you love cocktails, hit up happy hour after work today. If you feel giddy when you rock climb, skip work and fasten your belay. Heartbreakers are always looking out for number one, doubling their pleasure in life, and consequently attracting everyone around.

2. Don’t get attached to somebody you could lose. If you need advice on living fast and free constructively, we’ve got some. At the same time, we think half the fun of love is the exciting uncertainty of it all, and we’re fans of falling head over heels. But, if you’re looking to break some hearts and shield your own, you have to cut and run when anything gets too deep.

3. Wear your heart on your cheek, but never on your sleeve. Again, a heartbreaker banishes vulnerability. Marina’s signature heart on the cheek is instead a bold statement: See my heart, and know that only I own it. A visible heart doesn’t make it there for the taking; the heart on the cheek is a presentation of self without giving anything away. You speak your mind and talk about your feelings freely, but you guard your insecurities until you meet a trustworthy partner.

4. Gotta be looking pure (kiss him goodbye at the door and leave him wanting more). Let’s ignore the first bit, because we have know idea what “looking pure” entails today. A nun’s habit? A schoolgirl outfit? But we can get behind a savored flirtation. Don’t go back to his place on the first date. Tease him mercilessly on the second. On the third, be wilder than he ever expected. A slow reveal is often the sexiest, and the power’s in your hands.

We hear the glamour of heartbreak fades fast, but it’s fun to consider how, for one night or one year, you could be the girl in Marina’s video, strutting around in heels, choosing from an embarrassment of men, and being a (literally) cutthroat flirt. Go get ’em.


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  1. Nwachi Henry

    nice write up..Keeo it up

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