Start Spring Early with Fresh Dates in NYC

By Ella Riley-Adams

The first stanza of an e e cummings poem encapsulates the feeling of the season perfectly: “sweet spring is your/time is my time is our/time for springtime is lovetime/and viva sweet love”. March means we can start crawling out from under the hibernation covers, hoping for warmer weather and carefree days. Though New York will probably still experience a few more winter storms and quite a bit of rain, we say it’s not too early to start celebrating sweet springtime. Invite your next MeetMoi intro to one of the following, and let love bloom:

Learn about the Flowers Every Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 2 p.m., the Brooklyn Botanic Garden gives a Seasonal Highlights Guided Tour. All you need to do is show up–no reservations or payment necessary. It’s too early for their official “Spring in Bloom” tour, but you’ll still see some beautiful plants and feel refreshed by the time outside. If you’re in search of color and willing to spend money on admission, go to the annual Orchid Show. Afterwards, walk over to Grumpy’s in Park Slope for a cup of coffee and inevitably delicious scone.

Walk the Highline Especially if you spent summer reading and people watching at the Highline, New York’s urban-cool park path will evoke memories of warm days. Start making this season just as special with your MeetMoi acquaintance and a Chelsea jaunt. Check out the latest billboard art and see if you can spot any bird nests. Again, if the March chill is too much, get down near Chelsea Market and get a latte at Blue Bottle on W 15th.

Sip on Fresh Cocktails The Mulberry Project’s Raspberry Rose cocktail sounds as luxurious as swimming in a pool full of Perrier. With lemon and homemade raspberry syrup, it’s got to be just as refreshing. Order two, and move into the Project’s intimate garden space to soak up some sun. You’d never guess such an enclave exists in the middle of Little Italy, but now that you know, you’re obliged to take advantage.

Find Foraged Food In his NYMag guide on “Where to Eat 2013,” Adam Platt declares, “Foraging is now an urban obsession.” Top chefs in New York are using local, seasonal plants to concoct extensive tasting menus and genre-defying plates. Platt goes on to mention several restaurants that are on the foraging frontier. Go to any one of them and you’ll likely be transported through taste to a field or forest, where you and your date can frolic in the green.

Get Wet See if last summer’s swim suit still fits and try it out at one of NYC’s indoor pools (check out Shopbop if you need a new cool option quick). Challenge your date to a breath-holding contest, see who can tread water the longest, or go for a good old-fashioned swim race. It’s always fun to get physical (out of bed) with a new date, and swimming is particularly refreshing after you’ve been bundled up all winter.

Wander the Greenmarket Meet at lunch or spend a Saturday morning in Union Square, checking out the goat cheese, fresh pasta, and berries on display at the Greenmarket. Ask your date about their connection with Mother Nature; did they ever garden as a kid? Do they know how to drive a tractor? The huge variety of produce at the Greenmarket could inspire all kinds of conversation. And who knows–you might get inspired to make a fresh dinner together later.

Viva sweet love.


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