Ways to Beat the Single Blues

By Ella Riley-Adams

The beginning of spring means peak single blues time: couples are reveling in their togetherness, restaurants use V-Day prix-fixes as their primary luring tactic, and cold hands are desperate for a warm companion in these frigid conditions. When you find yourself wanting, avoid the urge to hibernate. Instead, turn to one of these active options:

1. Throw a Party. Though Hannah’s latest shindig on Girls lead to multiple emotional breakdowns, she had the right idea with her pasta and bundt cake. If you’re feeling lonely, bring people together on your own terms. Invite five or six of your friends over and have them bring their friends, plus wine. You provide the hors d’oeuvres, the music, and scintillating questions. If you’re partying on your territory, you’ll feel comfortable and loved. Plus, you get to sleep in your own bed at the end of the night, whether it’s alone or with an unexpected friend-of-a-friend.

2. Dance Of course you’ve seen Robyn dominate her warehouse dancefloor in Call Your Girlfriend. Channel her power and strengthen your inner diva by making up your own choreography, either in front of your mirror or at a club. Check out our list of music videos celebrating the single life, and reclaim your evening. The world is your dance space.

3. Do Something New No, not someone new (though that can help too). Here, we’re thinking of escaping the comfort zone. A new experience will confirm your interest in life when you’re depressed, whether you’re lovelorn or generally in “meh” mode. Check out Groupon for deals on interesting adventures in your city, learn how to make a pretty latte, or finally begin your DJ career.

4. Go for a Run Ever seen a Nike commercial where the girl is running like a badass and you simultaneously want to have her as your best friend but also to be her? It looks like she’s flying, she feels great about herself, and her shoes are some bright attractive color–triple threat. Go for a run and you ARE that girl. No one will know if you’re only out for 15 minutes. That’s enough time to get an endorphin rush and relish the wind in your face.

5. Go Out This is a risky bet if you’re in a bachelor/ette funk. Sometimes going out at night can reinforce negative messages you’re sending yourself. But, if you consciously decide to control your night, you’re going to be able to savor the freedom you have as a single person. Hit on the bartender, flirt with a cute man from out of town, make eyes at your ex. Nothing is off limits.

6. Take Care of Yourself Turn on whatever music you can sing along to, be it Britney or Beyoncé. Then, carefully apply your questionably lumpy brown face mask, paint your nails gold, or shave your legs with utmost precision. Do whatever makes you feel calm and refreshed. Lurk on Lush‘s website for inspiration.


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