Dating Double Standards: Singlehood

by Sabrina Cohen

In this exploratory MeetMoi post, we dig deep into the heart of our belief system to challenge common dating conventions we’ve come to accept as normal. Through years of subtle conditioning, these so-called standards weave their way into our social fiber without a conscious decision on our part. And when it comes to crossing gender lines, many are unfairly judged through dramatically differently lenses. Check out the example below.


THE FACTS: George Clooney has notoriously “played the field” for years, moving from one gorgeous woman to the next. Jennifer Aniston, until recently engaged, similarly spent several years dating various high-profile men.

THE PERCEPTION: George continues to be celebrated as Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor, while Jen was painted as a woman who couldn’t manage to pin a man down. He’s hailed for his stealth choice to remain single while she’s portrayed as sad, lonely, and heartbroken. The overall interpretation is that George is “un-gettable” while Jen is “unsuitable.”

It’s clearly an unfair double standard, but that hasn’t stopped millions from getting on the judgmental bandwagon. Even when we disagree, we blindly accept that things just are a certain way. So how do we reverse the brainwashing?

  1. Know it can be reversed.
  2. Be aware and open-minded.
  3. Question old ideas, entertain new ones, and accept only what you truly believe.
  4. Own the ideas you support, even if they’re unfamiliar or unpopular.

Can you envision a day when single women are celebrated as hard-to-get sex bombs instead of spinsters?

Sabrina Cohen is a blogger, copywriter, and creative consultant for








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One response to “Dating Double Standards: Singlehood

  1. singlewhitefemaledating

    If you have high standards – you are labelled as “high maintenance” or too fussy? Great article – this subject has been close to my heart for sometime and is definitely a reality of being single… the double standards do not stop there though!!

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