Breaking The Ice Without Breaking The Bank: Part 2

by Sabrina Cohen

In this follow up to last week’s post, we highlight more date ideas that conserve your dollars without making you look like a cheap-ster. In fact, these spots are likely to earn you points for creativity. So ditch the typical dinner date and venture out to one of these spots on your next Meetmoi matchup.


Why do dinner when you can go straight to dessert? This new dating trend will keep things light and sweet, and encourages indulging on more than one level. NY’s Blue Hill is a farm-to-table restaurant offering $25 dessert tastings set against the backdrop of a romantic West Village brownstone.


Rockwood music hall is a live music venue perfect for dating on a dime. The intimate setting allows you to get up close and personal with performers—or your date. Talented up-and-comers grace the stage every night, and cover charges, if any, are minimal. No velvet rope, no BS. Arrive early to snag a candlelit table or cozy chairs in the balcony!


Museums offer thoughtful contemplation and instant conversation at seriously reasonable rates. If you live in a large city like NY, chances are you’ve got great options at your fingertips. Try something different like the Merchant Museum—NY’s only 19th century home to survive intact.


Good wine is artful, sexy, and typically less costly than your average cocktail. The 8th Street Wine Cellar’s warm brick walls and candle lit tables provide subtle sophistication, minus the pretentiousness. Class it up with one of their reasonably priced boutique bottles.

Got some low-cost date concepts of your own? Share them with us below!

Sabrina Cohen is a blogger, copywriter, and creative consultant for


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