Breaking The Ice Without Breaking The Bank: Part 1

by Sabrina Cohen

Dating not only requires an investment of time, but dollars as well. Even casual dating can quickly become financially hazardous. With a little creativity, however, you can learn to date cost-consciously without looking like a cheapskate. Check out this first installment of fun and subtly frugal dating ideas to try the next time you get that MeetMoi alert.

HOTEL HAPPY HOUR – Most bars offer some kind of happy hour special during the week, and meeting right after work is the perfect time to take advantage under the cover of convenience. Try upscale spots serving HH specials, like the John Dory Oyster Bar in the Ace Hotel.

CONNOISSEUR COFFEE – OK, so coffee can look like a cheap date idea, but it doesn’t have to if you avoid generic spots like Starbucks. Find an interesting cafe featuring specialty caffeinated concoctions, or other distinctive highlights worthy of conversation—cool music, artwork, an outdoor garden, or view for people watching. Milk and Roses in NYC is a perfect example.

LOADED LUNCH – Meeting someone on your lunch hour is a great way to gauge chemistry with limited time and money. Find out what kind of food your date is into and choose a spot with high ratings and low-priced lunch specials. Get a delicious bang for your buck at Tue Thai.

TAPAS TEASE – This Spanish tradition of small plates was designed to encourage conversation. Sharing also inadvertently encourages intimacy. Sampling several dishes is always more fun than one, and it’s likely to satisfy while leaving you and your date wanting just a little more. An authentic tapas bar will likely have killer drinks as well! Try sexy (and scrumptious) Sala One Nine.

What do you think about these undercover low-budget date ideas? Share some of your own below!

Sabrina Cohen is a blogger, copywriter, and creative consultant for




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