Dater Profiles: The Paperboy

by Sabrina Cohen

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We all think we know what we want: A man at least 6′ tall, with dark hair and a six figure salary; A curvy woman with a master’s degree, blue eyes, and a dazzling smile.

But as the adage goes—looks can be deceiving.

Take, for example, The Paperboy.

On paper, he was everything I thought I wanted: sexy, educated, fit, stylish, successful, and fun. But after a few months, I realized there wasn’t much beneath the surface. I also realized that his paper traits had blindsided me to the truth.

After I broke it off, I wondered who else among those that appeared to “have it all” really did. I also wondered how many people get seduced by the mirage like I did. Or worse, who among us is actually living the smoke and mirrors: bettering our “paper selves” in the hopes that we’ll appear more desirable?

In other words, how many of us sacrifice inner authenticity for an outer marketing aura? For the ones that do, is keeping up appearances worth the effort?

There’s nothing that stands in for a person who makes you feel grounded, acknowledged, cared for, and truly known—especially when the “you” that person knows is the one beyond your paper persona.

Have you ever been hoodwinked by a fantasy? Tell us about it.

Sabrina Cohen is a blogger, copywriter, and creative consultant for


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