First-Date Deal Breakers: The Male Perspective

by Sabrina Cohen

In my last MeetMoi post, single ladies shared the first-date behaviors that would constitute a deal breaker. Now it’s time to turn the tables for the male perspective. Read on ladies!


It’s important to gauge your date’s long-term goals, but not on a first date. Engaging in what you think is subtle prospecting only results in one thing—self-sabotage. If men sense you’re overly eager about the future on a first date, they’re likely to run for the hills. Our advice? Enjoy the moment and let the discovery process unfold naturally.


Some ladies have a tendency to monopolize conversation. Sharing should be a two way street. Spouting a million words a minute can be overwhelming and obnoxious. Our advice? Be aware of the balance. A good listener is great, but if he’s got that glazed-over look, you should probably take a breath and engage him.


Drinks can cool first-date nerves and fire up the mood, but there’s nothing attractive about a lady who can’t hold her liquor. In any language: SLOPPY ≠ SEXY! There may be guys out there willing to take advantage, but that’s unconscionable. And let’s face it, if you’re that drunk, it probably won’t end well anyway. 


New York is a fashion forward city. Most men appreciate a well-dressed woman, but not when she’s accessorized with a superficial attitude. Obsessing over designer labels, expensive cars, “see and be seen” places, or any of the Real Housewives shows is excessive and unattractive. Our advice? Keep it real!

Share your thoughts with us below on these first-date DON’Ts.

Sabrina Cohen is a blogger, copywriter, and creative consultant for



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