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The Dating Download: Real-Life Intros

To kick off 2013 and help you rev up your date search, we’re launching a recurring series called “The Dating Download.” Every few months, we’ll introduce two real-life happy couples and share their stories and tips.

Say hello to:

Chris, 33, & Renee, 30:  Brunette beauty Renee wasn’t looking for romance two years ago on a Florida beach. She just wanted the guys next to her to turn down their music (Little Dragon’s song Blinking Pigs, Chris says). But Chris saw her and recalls, “I got this butterfly feeling.  There was something about her. I said, ‘I like this girl.’” They’ve been dating ever since.

The takeaway? Sometimes you have to go out even if you don’t feel like it, Renee says, because you don’t know who you’ll  meet. Adds Chris: “You can’t catch a fish with your hook in the air. You have to put it in the water.”

Caley, 44, and Brandon, 38: A charming and funny Southern gal, Caley was convinced she’d be single forever. “I’d had boyfriends, but nothing serious,” she says. Little did she know, the blue-eyed guy throwing horseshoes nearby at a North Carolina bar was totally smitten. Brandon was so shy, however, he visited the restaurant where she worked for about a month before really talking to Caley. When she saw his baby blues, Wham!, she was knocked out. “I saw diamonds in his eyes,” she says. “That never happened before!”  He agrees: “Diamonds. In her eyes.”

The takeaway? Guys, don’t be so shy! A simple, “Hi, my name is …” may be all it takes to break the ice with that hottie you’ve been eyeing.

Did these give you a lift? We hope so. Sometimes all it takes to make a new intro is being out, available, and logging into your  Meetmoi iPhone or Android app. Check back here in a few weeks for a new The Dating Download story.

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First-Date Deal Breakers

by Sabrina Cohen

The deal breaker threshold is different for everyone. We recently polled a group of single ladies and shared their first-date deal breakers below. Consider them before heading out on your next first MeetMoi encounter, and stay tuned for the male version!

OH MY MAMMA’S BOY Good men love their mammas. Mentioning her incessantly, particularly on a first date, is a turnoff. Women equate the way a guy treats his mother to the way he’ll treat them, so respect is great. Unhealthy attachment is just plain unattractive.

TMI We’d all love to speed up the process of getting to know each other, but sharing every detail of your last heartbreak, your childhood traumas, or anything sexual on a first date is just NOT sexy. Be open and honest, but save a little something for future dates.

THE PANTING DOG We women love to be flattered… in moderation. Eyeing us like a piece of prime rib you’d like to devour is a different story. Be careful not to cross the line from complimentary to Creepsterville. Once you arrive, there’s no turning back!

GOING DUTCH While many dating rules have changed over time, it seems that this old school rule is here to stay. Most women are sympathetic to men when it comes to splitting the bill in the long term. On a first date, however, there’s just no way around this one. If you take a woman to dinner, plan to pay. Sorry fellas.

Have you ever been convicted of one of these dating death sentences? Share your thoughts below.

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Mastering the First Kiss


by Sabrina Cohen

The lines between gender roles are becoming increasingly blurred, but when it comes to that coveted first kiss, it’s still generally considered a man’s move to make. I spoke to several single women who all agreed that mastering the first kiss experience is as simple as avoiding these potentially tragic pitfalls.


First kisses can be nerve-wracking, even for the most confident lady-killers. It’s all about timing. Don’t go for it when the cab is pulled over in honking traffic or while she’s mid-sentence. The best kisses occur in moments of electrifying chemistry. Look for consistent exchanges of flirtatious smiles and strong eye contact. If you overthink the delivery, it may seem contrived or worse—cheesy. Your best bet is to be au natural.


Sometimes we can work our way over this hurdle, and other times it’s a hopeless endeavor. Many women (and men) equate skills in the kissing department to skills in the bedroom. Kissing like you did in 7th grade or like you’re the star of a porn flick—NOT a turn-on! If you’re lucky enough to get one on a first date, slow, soft, and steady typically wins the first kiss race.


It happens… to some more than others. A first date warrants your very best, so a good night kiss laced with the scent of anything other than Altoids or minty fresh gum is just downright unforgivable. Brush, floss, gargle, and then go for yours!

What are your rules of engagement? Are you guilty of any of these first-kiss crimes? Please share your thoughts below.

Sabrina Cohen is a blogger, copywriter, and creative consultant for


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