5 Reasons to Date with an Open-Mind

By Natasha Burton

For women, dating with an open mind can be easier said than done: Many of us have thought long and hard about what we want in a man and set certain benchmarks an intro must meet as a result. However, to get the most out of your dating experience, you must learn to at least put some of your expectations aside. Here are five key reasons why.

Because you’d want potential intros to have an open mind about you

Ah, the Golden Rule — it’s prolific for a reason. Call it irony, call it coincidence, but typically the women who are the most judgmental about what a man has to be in order “to make the cut” are the ones who are the most vocal about not being able to understand why every man isn’t falling at their feet. This is a two-way street, ladies: The more demanding you seem, the less men will want to date you. So, if for no other reason that not wanting to turn guys off, go into your dating life with the intention of not judging. After all, it doesn’t feel so good to be on the receiving end.

Because being closed-minded shrinks your dating pool

While you should never date someone you’re repulsed by (or simply not attracted to), requiring your intros to standards like “must be over six-feet tall” or “can’t drive a Prius” are not only arbitrary, they really limit your playing field. Why do that to yourself?

Because girls have checklists, women have standards

When we’re young, some of us make lists of what we want in our ideal guys. And, some of us also keep these lists well beyond their expiration dates. At some point, women need to start dating maturely and realize that “full head of hair” and “six pack” are not as important as qualities like “emotionally available” and “kind to his mother without being a momma’s boy.” If you haven’t done so yet, chuck that checklist for a more sophisticated, more emotionally-based way of evaluating men.

Because you might know what you think you want, but not what you need

Having a checklist also limits your scope of who’s “dateable” to the qualities you think you want in a guy — it can’t possibly address all the things you might need in a relationship, but just don’t know about yet. Dating a variety of guys allows you to get a broader idea of what’s out there and how those various men make you feel, which will in turn help you determine the best possible match for you for the long-term.

Because your restrictions could force you to miss out on true love

The thing is, you never know who you might be attracted to — or fall in love with — unless you go on a meet-up and give that guy a try. Don’t let your expectations and restrictions of what you think you want in a man prevent you from finding one who will really make your heart sing. Just because you go out with a guy, it doesn’t mean you have to marry him. But, you never know, one date and you may fall head over heels for someone completely unexpected. Not knowing is the fun part of dating, so don’t let your close-mindedness prevent you from missing out!

photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photopin cc


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One response to “5 Reasons to Date with an Open-Mind

  1. I think that modification of standards is the most crucial one. Women are still hoping for that super super guy who doesn’t exist.

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