Everybody Dance Now: Where to Get Your Groove On in NYC

By Ella Riley-Adams

Rockin' it hard

Finding a place to dance in New York is like spotting a fanny pack in Times Square: they’re everywhere. You’re bound to find some too small, too bourgeois, or too divey, but explore enough and you’ll find the boîte that’s just right. Get riled up and ready to dance with your next MeetMoi date, we’ve got a few high-energy suggestions to start you out:

Sweet & Vicious During summer, Sweet & Vicious is one of our favorite outdoor hangout spots since their garden stays open until midnight and the frozen margaritas are served in boho-chic mason jars. Thankfully, their ample indoor space is still a prime dance spot during winter.  Expect to jump up and down to all your favorite radio hits, mingle with young new media types, and try at least one infamous margarita before you go. Happy hour starts at 3 pm if you’re looking to call it an early night (or trying extra hard to leave work), and the music plays till 4 in the morn.

Beauty Bar This fun, themed bar on East 14th gets points for being different (you can buy a drink and a manicure for $10.00 in the evening) and dance-y. Every Friday, DJ Omri S. Quire and guests promise to spin “a booty-shakin’ mix of nasty soul, dirty rock & roll, smashin’ 80s…freak-beats and everything else!” If you feel like moving your body in new ways on a Friday night, it sounds like Beauty Bar’s got you covered. Their prime downtown location means you and your date will have no problems getting a late night slice of pizza and subway home after you’ve exhausted every little muscle.

Webster Hall Not for the faint of heart, Webster Hall provides a regular roof for one huge party. Expect a lively crowd, varied music, and average drinks. It’s also a rare NY 18-plus space, so you’re bound to see groups of excited teenagers who, depending on your view, make or break the mood. In any case, check their website to plan for the right party (Girls Night Out = free champagne for women) and prepare to exert yourself on the many dance floors. We hear they bounce like trampolines.

Bembe brings a Williamsburg vibe to the concept of a club. They say it best themselves: “Bembe is a continual experiment of environmental design aimed at bringing people a different approach to nightlife interaction.” Take that to mean it’s a laid-back spot that’s open to your “groovy” dance moves and perpetual beads of upper lip sweat. If your date’s down to go wild in Brooklyn, Bembe is your best bet.

photo credit: sicoactiva via photopin cc


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