Beware The Trojan Horse: A Case Study In Chivalry

by Sabrina Cohen

The holidays are a time for gifts, and who doesn’t love that? In dating, however, the process can be quite different. So before you saddle up to GIVE or RECEIVE on your next MeetMoi encounter, consider the tale below about a horse of a different color.

Once upon a time in the land of NYC, a boy and girl dated. He wined and dined her, but never called. In fact, he mostly texted when he wanted to meet up.

For their third date, she suggested something low-key. He chose dinner and drinks at an upscale restaurant, and a movie. He even bought her some trinkets from his vacation. “I hardly know him, but I guess he’s really into me,” she thought. She was flattered and grateful, but a bit perplexed. After all, it was an aggressive move considering they barely communicated between dates.

After the movie he asked her back to his place, and when she politely declined, his frustration was evident. “WTF?!,” she thought. She suddenly recalled all the sexual innuendos she’d previously overlooked. It became clear that although she didn’t solicit his gifts, they still came with a price.

Alas, she broke it off and continues to scour the city for a suitable suitor. To be continued….

The moral of this story is:

A) A GIFT ISN’T REALLY A GIFT if it’s delivered with expectations.

B) TRUE CHIVALRY is an act of the heart, not the uh, loins.




What conclusions can you draw from this controversial case study? Please share below!

Sabrina Cohen is a blogger, copywriter, and creative consultant for





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One response to “Beware The Trojan Horse: A Case Study In Chivalry

  1. Lisalisa340

    I love LOVE this analogy ever since I experienced it firsthand. When my car battery died, a man in my running group offered to jumpstart my car, and when that didn’t work, he offered to drive me to our next running event. How sweet! I thought. Then I got the texts. “You OWE me,” he said. “Haha.” But was he kidding? NO. Again and again: “Let’s go out to dinner. YOU OWE ME.” “It’s been 3 days. YOU OWE ME.” Finally I stopped answering the phone calls and texts. I won’t fall for that Trojan Horse again. How crass!

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