7 Music Videos Celebrating the Single Life

By Ella Riley-Adams

When you’re single, it suddenly feels like every pop song on the radio is a sappy love ballad. Mumford & Sons are furiously strumming about how “I will wait, I will wait” while Bruno Mars (with little subtlety) croons on about sex and paradise. To help divert from the romantic repetition, we’ve compiled a brief list of music videos celebrating the single life. As you’re getting ready to go out tonight, let them energize and inspire you.

Natasha Bedingfield–Single

Natasha’s always been good at the inspirational, Sisterhood in the Traveling Pants-esque tracks. Here, she’s strutting the streets, dancing with her girls in the club, proving she def  “Don’t need to be on someone’s arms to look good,” nor does she “need another half to make [her] whole.” She could have any number of adorable men, and yeah, she’ll play around with them when she wants. But she’s chosen to be single right now, and it’s a good life.

Beyonce–Single Ladies

Clearly this song/video has to be included, but it comes with a warning: Watching one Beyoncé video may cause you to fall into an afternoon-long K-hole of other Beyoncé videos. Her hip gyrations and varying fashion choices are a combination too potent to resist. But do your best, so you can watch this vid and move on with the playlist. Whether you’re dancing alone in your room or having a glass of wine with friends, put your hands up when Beyoncé tells you to. And if you have to watch more Bey, make it the female-empowering Diva, in which she blows up a car.

Pink–So What

This video is more about reclaiming yourself after a break-up, though it works as a pump-up for most any situation. Give it up to P!nk for turning her divorce into a chart-topping song and entertaining music video. She’s never been afraid to get extreme, and she goes hard with a sense of humor. If you’re in need of new energy in your life, ask What Would P!nk Do? and let your rock star self take control.

Jason DeRulo–Ridin’ Solo

“I’m feelin’ like a star, you can’t stop my shine.” Jason DeRulo may wear a gross spiked leather jacket and drive a Honda for the product placement, but this song is prime for celebrating the single life. Perks of Ridin’ Solo? No one to freak out when you don’t follow the GPS directions, you can roll up to the club at any hour, and you dance with whoever looks exciting.

Robyn–Call Your Girlfriend

Could Robyn be my spirit animal? I want the confidence to dance in an empty room, wearing a fuzzy sweater and platform shoes. Though Call Your Girlfriend isn’t necessarily a single-life anthem, the video is a representation of strength–be the “somebody new,” take up space, and ask for what you want. Find the Robyn inside.

Billy Idol–Dancing With Myself

Billy Idol’s eighties weirdness somehow fits well after watching Robyn’s performance. Maybe it’s the blond factor, but they’ve also both got such solid presence and gusto. In Billy Idol’s video for Dancing With Myself, he’s playing with electrocution and teaching zombies how to get down at an underworld party. It’s strangely perfect, and celebrates singledom well.

Florence + the Machine–Dog Days Are Over

You’re pretty much guaranteed to feel a swell of “Yes, I will charge forth” as you listen to Florence’s most famous song. Call it the battle cry of cool moms, the war drums of wannabe indie girls. It’s a song that transcends social groups and somehow buoys everyone. Plus, the music video seems like it belongs in a MoMA somewhere, it’s so intricately blocked and costumed. Watch and make your own declaration: your dog days, whatever they meant, whoever they represent, are over.


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