Holiday Presents for the New Woman or Man in Your Life

By Ella Riley-Adams

Thoughtful presents are tricky (i.e. no Visa gift cards, please) and the question gets even more complicated when you’re just starting to get to know someone. Here are our tips for shopping as well as specific items that will help fill your spot under the tree.

Reference a conversation point. Think back to the last time you hung out with this person. Did she gaze longingly in the window of Bloomingdale’s and say, “I want this lace lobster sweatshirt so bad”? Did he mention how he’s been collecting exotic postcards for years now but has nowhere to put them? If you do a little digging through the depths of your memory, you should find a few helpful hints to get your gift-hunt going. When your lover unwraps his or her gift, they’ll be excited about the contents, but even more stoked that you listened to their wishes.

Look around. Similarly, you can get a lot of information simply by activating your powers of observation. When you cooked together last weekend, did he realize he lost his cheese grater? Maybe her favorite sweater just got a hole in it. Whatever the problem, your gift can be a thoughtful solution. Of course, it’s best if you can include a bit of whimsy in your present—no one wants to get a bucket full of Drain-O, for example, though they all probably need it. While your gift may be practical, try to get something that could also be described as “pretty,” “sleek,” or “cute.” In other words, make sure the cheese grater has polka dots.

Give time or fun. Especially for a new relationship, the best gift is not an object. Make reservations at an exciting restaurant (we love Eleven Madison if you’re looking to blow cash, Stanton Social if you’re not) and give the gift of a wonderful meal plus time spent together. Take up space under the tree with a cute card or a chicken leg keychain, since just saying “oh yeah, we’re going to go to dinner” might not be enough. Be creative with presentation!

And of course (we’ll put this bluntly), you can always offer delectable sexual favors. Visit Babeland to get inspired, then make a coupon book of in-bed opportunities. A striptease featuring lingerie from Journelle or J. Crew boxers is a great start. And at the end, you’ve already got a sexy script: “Oh, did I mention? All I want for Christmas is you.”


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