The 8 Blissful Moments of Single Life

By Ella Riley-Adams

1. The fluttery feeling you get in your stomach when you meet someone new. She smiled over her shoulder when she left, and you thought “Huh. I haven’t felt this way since I was waiting for the James Bond movie to start.” It’s a subtle, shivery anticipation, a physical manifestation of excited emotions.

2. The freedom of wearing what you want to bed. Wear a face mask, foot pillows, your hair in ribbons…whatever suits your fancy. No one’s going to judge you or jostle your lavender sleep smell sachet as they’re rolling over to feel you up.

3. Brunch with friends.Rehash Saturday night with your buds over bloody Marys and mimosas. Compare drama, whether you’re talking hook-ups or TV shows you watched. Reasons this is better single? It’s way easier to get out of bed when there’s not another warm body in it, and your Saturday-night stories are juicier.

4. When someone says, “Want to get out of here?” And you say yes. Maybe he lives in a box of a bedroom, maybe he’s got a mansion. Either way, he’s whisking you off your feet.

5. Flirting to get what you want. You smiled extra-wide (with eyes!) and the barista added a shot to your latte. You got to talking with the front-desk gym girl, and she slipped you two free passes, plus her number. Single people do this better, and guilt-free!

6. Realizing how many possibilities you can entertain. There’s Noah the river rafting guide, Brad from accounting, and your friend’s setting you up with her best friend from college–he wants to get arepas in the East Village. You have options, and the ability to flit between them like the social butterfly you are.

7. Knowing every night is a launch pad.The power is in your hands, and tonight you could meet the love of your life. You could also find a charming business partner, or a simply a man who’s good in bed.

8. Following your own agenda. You want to listen to Tupac in the car on the way to work? That’s your perogative. Feel like eating a chocolate bar before bed? No one’s going to wince or question your ability to make healthy decisions. Take independence to the next level and relish living by your own rules.


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