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New Year, New Love: Resolutions for Relationships in 2013

by Sabrina Cohen

New Year’s Eve symbolizes many things—new beginnings, new goals, and my personal favorite—making out with a complete stranger at midnight. As you reflect on all the dating you’ve done this year, consider the following MeetMoi resolutions to get you one step closer to love in 2013.

1- Let go — Some of us try to swim the sea of love tugging the weight of a heavy heart behind us. The stories we create about ourselves and others are enough to keep us anchored in solitude for all eternity. Break the chain by consciously wiping the slate clean before each and every date.

2- Open up — If you’re lucky enough to find even a hint of love, be open. It can be scary, but not as scary as letting it pass you by. No one’s ever experienced the wonder of love without being vulnerable. It’s a risk worth taking.

3- Date with integrity — Even without the universe keeping karmic tabs, it’s in your best interest to treat each interaction with respect, honesty, compassion, and completion. If you’ve made a mess with anyone in your dating past, clean it up.

4- Try something new — Date against type. Try activities and approaches you’ve never considered before. Stretching your comfort zone is a great way to explore new territory out in the dating world and within yourself. What you find may surprise you.

5- Keep the faith — Above all else, believe. Believe it’s possible. Believe you deserve it. Believe you’ll find it. And until you do, repeat resolutions 1-4 and have fun!

How will you resolve to date differently in 2013? Share your thoughts below!

Sabrina Cohen is a blogger, copywriter, and creative consultant for





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Cute or Creepy? Baby, It’s Cold Outside

by Jackie Potts

Years ago, when I worked at a posh shopping mall, they would play holiday music endlessly starting the day after Thanksgiving. Most of the songs, “Santa Clause Is Coming to Town” and “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” were cheerfully benign, but there was one vintage ditty that always set my teeth on edge – “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”

Flash-forward to today.  Turns out that the comedians on Comedy Central’s sketch comedy show “Key and Peele,” Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, noticed the same thing. “It’s a little rape-y, isn’t it?” Keegan asks. Yep, kinda!

The premise of the duet is that a young woman has stopped by her beau’s house and decides it’s time to leave. But he doesn’t want her to go, so he counters all her objections with the line, “But, baby it’s cold outside.”

She: I really can’t stay
He: Baby, it’s cold outside
She: I gotta go away
He: Baby, it’s cold outside

Harmless enough, right? Except then he tries to roofie her … and keeps singing.

She: Say .. . what’s in this drink?
He: No cabs to be had out there …

And then she utters the word that’s cited in every Anti-Date Rape handbook …

She: The answer is No
He: But, baby it’s cold outside

We never find out if she finally makes it to the door in the song. It just ends with them singing harmoniously together. However, Key and Peele responded with their own parody in which the cornered cutie gets her revenge, called “Just  Stay for the Night.”

What do you think? Is this old-school holiday tune clever or cringe-worthy?

Jackie Potts is a blogger at

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5 Reasons to Date with an Open-Mind

By Natasha Burton

For women, dating with an open mind can be easier said than done: Many of us have thought long and hard about what we want in a man and set certain benchmarks an intro must meet as a result. However, to get the most out of your dating experience, you must learn to at least put some of your expectations aside. Here are five key reasons why.

Because you’d want potential intros to have an open mind about you

Ah, the Golden Rule — it’s prolific for a reason. Call it irony, call it coincidence, but typically the women who are the most judgmental about what a man has to be in order “to make the cut” are the ones who are the most vocal about not being able to understand why every man isn’t falling at their feet. This is a two-way street, ladies: The more demanding you seem, the less men will want to date you. So, if for no other reason that not wanting to turn guys off, go into your dating life with the intention of not judging. After all, it doesn’t feel so good to be on the receiving end.

Because being closed-minded shrinks your dating pool

While you should never date someone you’re repulsed by (or simply not attracted to), requiring your intros to standards like “must be over six-feet tall” or “can’t drive a Prius” are not only arbitrary, they really limit your playing field. Why do that to yourself?

Because girls have checklists, women have standards

When we’re young, some of us make lists of what we want in our ideal guys. And, some of us also keep these lists well beyond their expiration dates. At some point, women need to start dating maturely and realize that “full head of hair” and “six pack” are not as important as qualities like “emotionally available” and “kind to his mother without being a momma’s boy.” If you haven’t done so yet, chuck that checklist for a more sophisticated, more emotionally-based way of evaluating men.

Because you might know what you think you want, but not what you need

Having a checklist also limits your scope of who’s “dateable” to the qualities you think you want in a guy — it can’t possibly address all the things you might need in a relationship, but just don’t know about yet. Dating a variety of guys allows you to get a broader idea of what’s out there and how those various men make you feel, which will in turn help you determine the best possible match for you for the long-term.

Because your restrictions could force you to miss out on true love

The thing is, you never know who you might be attracted to — or fall in love with — unless you go on a meet-up and give that guy a try. Don’t let your expectations and restrictions of what you think you want in a man prevent you from finding one who will really make your heart sing. Just because you go out with a guy, it doesn’t mean you have to marry him. But, you never know, one date and you may fall head over heels for someone completely unexpected. Not knowing is the fun part of dating, so don’t let your close-mindedness prevent you from missing out!

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Everybody Dance Now: Where to Get Your Groove On in NYC

By Ella Riley-Adams

Rockin' it hard

Finding a place to dance in New York is like spotting a fanny pack in Times Square: they’re everywhere. You’re bound to find some too small, too bourgeois, or too divey, but explore enough and you’ll find the boîte that’s just right. Get riled up and ready to dance with your next MeetMoi date, we’ve got a few high-energy suggestions to start you out:

Sweet & Vicious During summer, Sweet & Vicious is one of our favorite outdoor hangout spots since their garden stays open until midnight and the frozen margaritas are served in boho-chic mason jars. Thankfully, their ample indoor space is still a prime dance spot during winter.  Expect to jump up and down to all your favorite radio hits, mingle with young new media types, and try at least one infamous margarita before you go. Happy hour starts at 3 pm if you’re looking to call it an early night (or trying extra hard to leave work), and the music plays till 4 in the morn.

Beauty Bar This fun, themed bar on East 14th gets points for being different (you can buy a drink and a manicure for $10.00 in the evening) and dance-y. Every Friday, DJ Omri S. Quire and guests promise to spin “a booty-shakin’ mix of nasty soul, dirty rock & roll, smashin’ 80s…freak-beats and everything else!” If you feel like moving your body in new ways on a Friday night, it sounds like Beauty Bar’s got you covered. Their prime downtown location means you and your date will have no problems getting a late night slice of pizza and subway home after you’ve exhausted every little muscle.

Webster Hall Not for the faint of heart, Webster Hall provides a regular roof for one huge party. Expect a lively crowd, varied music, and average drinks. It’s also a rare NY 18-plus space, so you’re bound to see groups of excited teenagers who, depending on your view, make or break the mood. In any case, check their website to plan for the right party (Girls Night Out = free champagne for women) and prepare to exert yourself on the many dance floors. We hear they bounce like trampolines.

Bembe brings a Williamsburg vibe to the concept of a club. They say it best themselves: “Bembe is a continual experiment of environmental design aimed at bringing people a different approach to nightlife interaction.” Take that to mean it’s a laid-back spot that’s open to your “groovy” dance moves and perpetual beads of upper lip sweat. If your date’s down to go wild in Brooklyn, Bembe is your best bet.

photo credit: sicoactiva via photopin cc

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Beware The Trojan Horse: A Case Study In Chivalry

by Sabrina Cohen

The holidays are a time for gifts, and who doesn’t love that? In dating, however, the process can be quite different. So before you saddle up to GIVE or RECEIVE on your next MeetMoi encounter, consider the tale below about a horse of a different color.

Once upon a time in the land of NYC, a boy and girl dated. He wined and dined her, but never called. In fact, he mostly texted when he wanted to meet up.

For their third date, she suggested something low-key. He chose dinner and drinks at an upscale restaurant, and a movie. He even bought her some trinkets from his vacation. “I hardly know him, but I guess he’s really into me,” she thought. She was flattered and grateful, but a bit perplexed. After all, it was an aggressive move considering they barely communicated between dates.

After the movie he asked her back to his place, and when she politely declined, his frustration was evident. “WTF?!,” she thought. She suddenly recalled all the sexual innuendos she’d previously overlooked. It became clear that although she didn’t solicit his gifts, they still came with a price.

Alas, she broke it off and continues to scour the city for a suitable suitor. To be continued….

The moral of this story is:

A) A GIFT ISN’T REALLY A GIFT if it’s delivered with expectations.

B) TRUE CHIVALRY is an act of the heart, not the uh, loins.




What conclusions can you draw from this controversial case study? Please share below!

Sabrina Cohen is a blogger, copywriter, and creative consultant for




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Holiday Dates that won’t Break the Bank

by Sabrina Cohen

‘Tis the season for romance. The holidays produce an heir of intimacy that make even the coldest fish wanna curl up by the fire and share some sweet lovin’.

Unfortunately, there’s also the pressure of meeting excessive wish list expectations and stretching the almighty holiday dollar. With that in mind, here are some fun and subtly frugal MeetMoi date ideas to inspire your holiday spirit AND alleviate the stress of overspending.


If you can handle the crowds, check out the creative genius on display at NY’s famous holiday windows. Grab a decadent hot cocoa at La Maison du Chocolat (till 7PM), and catch a glimpse of the tree at Rock Center (till 11PM).


Strap on some skates, embarrass yourselves thoroughly, and bond over bruised behinds. It’s a surefire way to encourage some PDA! Check out these reasonably priced rinks for your skating AND dating pleasure—


There’s nothing like a musical experience to warm the winter chill and inspire a little soul connection. On December 21st, Make Music NY will perform various concerts all over the map—a fun and FREE way to make your date memorable! Explore details here: (


The best movies come out this time of year. Amazingly, AMC theaters offer matinee pricing before noon—in Manhattan! The early bird really gets the dating dollar.

Share your thoughts below on the art of dating during the holidays. Do you get caught up in the decadence or pump the purchasing brakes?

Sabrina Cohen is a blogger, copywriter, and creative consultant for

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7 Music Videos Celebrating the Single Life

By Ella Riley-Adams

When you’re single, it suddenly feels like every pop song on the radio is a sappy love ballad. Mumford & Sons are furiously strumming about how “I will wait, I will wait” while Bruno Mars (with little subtlety) croons on about sex and paradise. To help divert from the romantic repetition, we’ve compiled a brief list of music videos celebrating the single life. As you’re getting ready to go out tonight, let them energize and inspire you.

Natasha Bedingfield–Single

Natasha’s always been good at the inspirational, Sisterhood in the Traveling Pants-esque tracks. Here, she’s strutting the streets, dancing with her girls in the club, proving she def  “Don’t need to be on someone’s arms to look good,” nor does she “need another half to make [her] whole.” She could have any number of adorable men, and yeah, she’ll play around with them when she wants. But she’s chosen to be single right now, and it’s a good life.

Beyonce–Single Ladies

Clearly this song/video has to be included, but it comes with a warning: Watching one Beyoncé video may cause you to fall into an afternoon-long K-hole of other Beyoncé videos. Her hip gyrations and varying fashion choices are a combination too potent to resist. But do your best, so you can watch this vid and move on with the playlist. Whether you’re dancing alone in your room or having a glass of wine with friends, put your hands up when Beyoncé tells you to. And if you have to watch more Bey, make it the female-empowering Diva, in which she blows up a car.

Pink–So What

This video is more about reclaiming yourself after a break-up, though it works as a pump-up for most any situation. Give it up to P!nk for turning her divorce into a chart-topping song and entertaining music video. She’s never been afraid to get extreme, and she goes hard with a sense of humor. If you’re in need of new energy in your life, ask What Would P!nk Do? and let your rock star self take control.

Jason DeRulo–Ridin’ Solo

“I’m feelin’ like a star, you can’t stop my shine.” Jason DeRulo may wear a gross spiked leather jacket and drive a Honda for the product placement, but this song is prime for celebrating the single life. Perks of Ridin’ Solo? No one to freak out when you don’t follow the GPS directions, you can roll up to the club at any hour, and you dance with whoever looks exciting.

Robyn–Call Your Girlfriend

Could Robyn be my spirit animal? I want the confidence to dance in an empty room, wearing a fuzzy sweater and platform shoes. Though Call Your Girlfriend isn’t necessarily a single-life anthem, the video is a representation of strength–be the “somebody new,” take up space, and ask for what you want. Find the Robyn inside.

Billy Idol–Dancing With Myself

Billy Idol’s eighties weirdness somehow fits well after watching Robyn’s performance. Maybe it’s the blond factor, but they’ve also both got such solid presence and gusto. In Billy Idol’s video for Dancing With Myself, he’s playing with electrocution and teaching zombies how to get down at an underworld party. It’s strangely perfect, and celebrates singledom well.

Florence + the Machine–Dog Days Are Over

You’re pretty much guaranteed to feel a swell of “Yes, I will charge forth” as you listen to Florence’s most famous song. Call it the battle cry of cool moms, the war drums of wannabe indie girls. It’s a song that transcends social groups and somehow buoys everyone. Plus, the music video seems like it belongs in a MoMA somewhere, it’s so intricately blocked and costumed. Watch and make your own declaration: your dog days, whatever they meant, whoever they represent, are over.

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