The Business Of Dating: Three Ways to Increase Your Net Worth

by Sabrina Cohen

Building romantic relationships requires an effort and etiquette similar to business. It’s not enough to exchange 100 business cards, or in this case, MeetMoi dating messages. If you’re looking for long-term partnership, follow these networking tips to increase your odds of landing the job, I mean LOVE, of a lifetime.

Resume & Cover Letter

The competition is steep. You’re just a resume — or in this case, a profile — until you meet face to face. Highlight your best assets. Hiring managers can spot a copy-and-paste message a mile away. So can your potential date. Write a message that’s customized and distinct.


That old adage about first impressions rings as true in dating as it does in business. Expect THIS date to be the one you’ve been waiting for. Dress in your best. Smile. Exude confidence. Maintain eye contact. Listen. Express interest. Be genuine. In business, a firm handshake is tried and true. Let the level of chemistry dictate how you close this deal.

Thank You Note

As time passes, you increase the likelihood of forgetting or being forgotten. Whether you see a future or not, follow up. There’s nothing worse than waiting and wondering. And let’s face it, in this modern age of dating, a little old fashioned courtesy goes a long way. If you see potential, suggest another date. If not, express that politely and wish them well. The dating world will be a much better place.

How do you compare dating to business networking? Notice any similarities in your approach? Share your personal tips below!

Sabrina Cohen is a blogger, copywriter, and creative consultant for


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