The Thanksgiving Dating Dilemma: Is It Too Soon to Meet the Parents?

by Jackie Potts

In today’s accelerated yet oh-so-casual world of mobile dating, you may find yourself sharing wildly personal details with a MeetMoi intro in the first few days, yet tongue-tied when it comes to traditional milestones, like Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

With the holidays looming around the corner like a vengeful, half-plucked turkey, when is it cool to ask that foxy guy or gal to share your giblets? We asked some dating experts for advice.

“Women can definitely suggest light and breezy, ‘Hey, my folks are going to be in town; what do you think? Is it time to meet the parents?’” says Donna Sozio, author of The Man Whisperer.  “Just be light, casual and easy breezy.”

But before you do so, here are a few bases to cover:

Relationship expert and author Kara Oh says to avoid unnecessary drama, make sure “you’re not ashamed of his table manners; she doesn’t drink too much; he’s clean, tidy and smells nice; she dresses tastefully.”

“You should be prepared to answer questions about who [your dinner guest] has dated and why it didn’t work out,” Sozio adds.

Kimberly Dawn Neumann, Dating/Relationship coach, and co-author of The Real Reasons Men Commit says your date should be comfortable in social situations. “Family gatherings require patience and flexibility. If your date can’t go with the flow, this will be one stressful holiday for all involved.”

And don’t be offended if you’re not invited to join your special someone’s family feast. Your crush may actually be shielding you from boozy brothers or grabby grandparents. Some families are “easier in small doses,” Neumann says.

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One response to “The Thanksgiving Dating Dilemma: Is It Too Soon to Meet the Parents?

  1. Lisalisa340

    I once had a great first date on Thanksgiving Day! When he had to run to have turkey lunch and didn’t invite me, I felt slightly disappointed. Was it too soon??? LOL

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