Thwart Cold Fall Weather with Warm Rendezvous

By Ella Riley-Adams

Living in New York, there comes a time in your year when you begin to dread ascending the metro, pulling your jacket tight against the inevitable gust of almost-winter air. You figure out how to pair tights and scarves with your summer outfits, you shift your favorite watering hole from rooftop bar to shadowy cave. Basically, you heed your animal instincts to participate in the ritual transition from summer heat into freezing temperatures.

But you don’t have to go it alone. Plan a cozy date with your next MeetMoi Intro to find a moment of reprieve as winter gradually takes its hold on NYC. Our suggestions:

Spend Happy Hour by a Fireplace Make your way to Smith Street in Brooklyn to try Angry Wade’s, an approachable and well-outfitted sports bar. Get in a friendly game of pool, then grab a beer and settle next to the flickering hearth. A NY Mag reviewer says that at Wade’s, “I feel like I am at home in Wisconsin whenever I go.” You know how friendly Midwesterners can be; let the cozy, comfortable vibe direct your date.

Start Close Conversation Over Cider Friend of a Farmer’s website slideshow features bare wooden ceiling beams and a photo of mason jars. A chicken illustration hangs on the wall. This should give you a sense of FoaF’s general vibe and tell you that it’s the perfect place for a steaming cuppa hot cider. The country café’s open for breakfast, lunch, and weekend brunch.

Steam in the East Village Billed as an “unexpected paradise,” the Russian and Turkish Baths (East 10th between First and Avenue A) certainly feel a world away from NYC sidewalks and brownstones. Their facilities include a Russian sauna, redwood sauna, and aromatherapy room. Ask if your date is game, then bring your swimsuits to languor in the healing heat. The temperature outside will feel simply refreshing afterwards.

Stretch Your Cold Muscles As trees lose their leaves and waters freeze, the human body also tends to become stiffer with the cold. Counteract this effect with a low-cost yoga class at Yoga to the People at St. Mark’s. Though the classes aren’t classified as “hot yoga,” we’re pretty sure you’ll still work up a sweat. After you loosen up, take your date for…

Tea Drinking at Cha-An Serious Eats says Cha-An is one of the 8 best places for afternoon tea in NYC. And apparently they’re serving pumpkin custard?!? Once you get over that drool-worthy fact, prepare to start breathing deeply because it’s impossible not to in Cha-An’s tranquil space. Leave your layers by the door and go for a heart to heart, hot matcha in hand. The freshly-baked earl grey scones will be up next.


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