Have You Encountered This Post-Sandy Menace?

By Jackie Potts

For those of us in NYC, getting back to normal after Hurricane Sandy hasn’t been easy  — blackouts, freezing temperatures, flooded subways, and gas shortages are making daily routines pretty miserable. At MeetMoi, we hope you and your peeps are safe and unscathed, and we want to protect you from another post-storm hazard – The Dreaded Ex.

Megastorms like Sandy don’t just uproot trees and down power lines – they also blow ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends back into our lives — and onto our cellphones. (Must be those wind gusts.)  Take it from Emma, 34. She unexpectedly found herself receiving a text from a guy she’d split with six months ago.

“He said he was ‘thinking of me’ and wanted to make sure ‘I was OK’ through all the hurricane stuff,” she says. “Then he asked me to get together this weekend. After I said, ‘Sure,’ he changed his mind and said it was ‘too hard,’ what with a shutdown subway line and $50 cab fares. Guess the thought wasn’t that appealing, after all!”

Sure, it’s normal to be concerned about exes and loved ones after a natural disaster, and some people really do have this generous thought in mind. Maybe you’ve checked on a few folks yourself.

But beware the mouth-breathing players who think with their nether regions. Like vermin, they emerge from the gutters with shifty eyes and toothy grins. They’re looking for some post-Sandy booty. Or an ego boost. Or maybe they want to clean out your storm supplies before they crawl back under the steaming grates.

We invite you to spare yourself the romantic drama and meet someone new on our mobile dating platform, Meetmoi. Don’t let the emotional terrorists win.

Have you been texted by an ex since Sandy? Tell us about it here.

Jackie Potts is a blogger for MarketSmiths.com.



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2 responses to “Have You Encountered This Post-Sandy Menace?

  1. daitng is crazy thing, but I can’t do this well. dating is knowledge. I will study it forvevr.

  2. aha great post. well stuff.

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