Haunted by ghosts of relationships past? Top 3 tips to exorcise your dating demons

by Sabrina Cohen

We’ve all got dating horror stories and skeletons in the closet. Speaking of closets, there was that time my date decided to come out of one — not dressed as Ironman or Superman or Aquaman, but as a homosexual man. It was horrifying to the spirit, but thankfully I survived.

Before your next MeetMoi matchup, use these tips to exorcise your dating demons and set your real spirit free!

1. LET THE PAST R.I.P. Too bad we can’t surgically remove the scars of our dating pasts. Release old ghosts by getting closure around anything still haunting you. Once they’re laid to rest you’ll be able to move forward.

2. STRANGLE YOUR INNER STORYTELLER. Most of us are master storytellers. Be careful not to write yourself into a twelve-volume horror series.

THE SCENARIO: You got stood up.

YOUR STORY: All men/women are evil.


  1. Remove yourself from the game.
  2. Attract more “evil” types to corroborate your tale.
  3. Become “evil” yourself, seeking revenge on the opposite sex.

Leave the horror stories for Stephen King. Take each situation at face value and remember — it’s not about you! Everyone’s got their own ghosts to contend with. Exorcise yours to avoid excess drama.

3. FIGHT THE DARK SIDE. No matter how bloody it gets, never say die. If Jason Voorhies can come back from the dead repeatedly, so can you. Stay in action and keep your eye on the prize.

Got a haunted dating history? Tell us how you survived!

Sabrina Cohen is a blogger, copywriter, and creative consultant for MarketSmiths.com.


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