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Dating Detectives: CURIOUS or CREEPY?

by Sabrina Cohen

We live in a world where it’s common to divulge our entire lives online. With all that info just a click away, “internet investigation” is growing among today’s tech-savvy dating demographic. It’s a slippery slope from mild curiosity to cyber-stalking creepster. Before you go digging up your Meetmoi date’s dirty deets à la Sherlock Holmes, consider the following:


CURIOUS — You do a quick Google search to make sure the person hasn’t been on America’s Most Wanted.

CREEPY — Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn, oh my! You comb every social media outlet, flip through public FB photos, and even check their mom’s/dad’s page to gauge what they’ll look like in 30 years.


Dig with intention. Check the sex offender registry instead of randomly eyeing his/her Facebook page.


Too much digging will just leave you covered in dirt. Whatever you find could get lost in translation and create false impressions. No one is perfect.


Technology is already doing a number on romance. Let’s not help it along. I personally prefer a little mystery. Get to know someone the old-fashioned way — in person.


Love is always risky. No amount of online info will give you the full story. Your best bet is to use the one tool even those geniuses at Google can’t replicate — your GUT!


In most cases, the real risk is outing your sneaky self on the date, ruining a potential match, and looking like THE REAL lunatic.

Sabrina Cohen is a blogger, copywriter, and creative consultant for


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All of the Lights: Where to Drink in NYC Holiday Spirit

By Ella Riley-Adams

Starting mid-November, New York is chockablock with holiday spirit. We’re lucky to have sparkling lights all year round (hello, Times Square!), but they kick into high gear when the temperature drops. As you’re girding your loins to overdose on elves and egg nog, we’ve got a few date ideas to bring you good cheer.

Bryant Park Ice Skating is free, but only if you happen to own your own ice skates. Otherwise, it’s $14.00 for skate rental. We hope the price isn’t a deterrent, though, because it’s hard not to love such a central, festive, family-friendly spot. The park hosted a tree lighting ceremony this week, so you’ll be skating under a large shining evergreen.

Even if your date isn’t up for the old tiny-blades-on-slippery-ice activity, you two can browse Bryant Park holiday vendors or have a drink at Celsius, the park’s rink side restaurant.

Columbus Circle Holiday Market The holiday season tends to go hand-in-hand with chaotic consumption, so in lieu of running for Macy’s or Bloomies, we prefer a more leisurely stroll through a local holiday market. Columbus Circle’s is easy to get to and offers a variety of fun gifts, from pretzels to puppets. Invite your MeetMoi intro here and you’ll get to joyously multitask: find the perfect bar of soap for your mother while getting to know a charming new person.

Wythe Hotel Brooklyn Book a dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, Reynard’s, or just go for drinks. Either way, make sure you take a trip to the roof of the building to get a twinkly view of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Yes, those lights are there all year round, but it’s worth appreciating them anew. In the frosty air at the holidays, they’re tiny beacons of warmth and comfort.

SantaCon Self-described as “charitable mayhem,” SantaCon is a ridiculous event that involves thousands of people dressed up as Santa Claus. They then proceed to lurch from bar to bar until many are stumbling on their beards and/or stealing candy from children. However, it’s a fun opportunity to meet new festive people and will certainly be a date you remember forever. It’s also for a good cause: last year, Santa raised $10,000.00 for Toys for Tots. If your MeetMoi intro is ready to don the red suit and jingle bells, respond to SantaCon’s Facebook event and then gather on December 15.

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Dating Before Dark

A MeetMoi daytime meet-up can reveal important deets about your date. How do they look in the light of the afternoon sun? Can they confidently converse without a beer buzz? Day dates set the stage for a different kind of intimacy. Without the armor of alcohol and dark cover of night, you may get a surprisingly naked view of your MeetMoi match.

Here are just 3 daytime date suggestions to match your MeetMoi mood!

CLASSIC — Grab some amazing eats at Chelsea Market and walk the westside promenade for great views of the water. Choose a spot along the path to people watch, picnic, and soak up the fall sun. Be sure to bring a blanket in the hopes that your date is inclined to cozy up.

COOL CULTURE — Who said museums have to be boring? The competition for New York culture seekers has galleries and museums vying for your attention. Exhibitions large and small are constantly reinventing themselves, making for some very interesting art. So before you envision yourself snoozing on the shoulder of a tourist, check out and for the latest in chic cultural exhibitions. For fail-proof stimulation, check out the Museum of Sex – I recommend running that one by your date first!

INTERACTIVE ICEBREAKER — There’s no better icebreaker than an impromptu improv class! The Pit NYC (People’s Improv Theater) is a highly respected forum for comedic entertainment and education. Test out your comedic chops with a drop-in class. You and your date will have no shame when this date is over. Classes are offered Friday through Sunday on a first-come, first-served basis –

Share your best day date suggestions below. What are your thoughts on dating before dark?

Sabrina Cohen is a blogger, copywriter, and creative consultant for

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The Business Of Dating: Three Ways to Increase Your Net Worth

by Sabrina Cohen

Building romantic relationships requires an effort and etiquette similar to business. It’s not enough to exchange 100 business cards, or in this case, MeetMoi dating messages. If you’re looking for long-term partnership, follow these networking tips to increase your odds of landing the job, I mean LOVE, of a lifetime.

Resume & Cover Letter

The competition is steep. You’re just a resume — or in this case, a profile — until you meet face to face. Highlight your best assets. Hiring managers can spot a copy-and-paste message a mile away. So can your potential date. Write a message that’s customized and distinct.


That old adage about first impressions rings as true in dating as it does in business. Expect THIS date to be the one you’ve been waiting for. Dress in your best. Smile. Exude confidence. Maintain eye contact. Listen. Express interest. Be genuine. In business, a firm handshake is tried and true. Let the level of chemistry dictate how you close this deal.

Thank You Note

As time passes, you increase the likelihood of forgetting or being forgotten. Whether you see a future or not, follow up. There’s nothing worse than waiting and wondering. And let’s face it, in this modern age of dating, a little old fashioned courtesy goes a long way. If you see potential, suggest another date. If not, express that politely and wish them well. The dating world will be a much better place.

How do you compare dating to business networking? Notice any similarities in your approach? Share your personal tips below!

Sabrina Cohen is a blogger, copywriter, and creative consultant for

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The Thanksgiving Dating Dilemma: Is It Too Soon to Meet the Parents?

by Jackie Potts

In today’s accelerated yet oh-so-casual world of mobile dating, you may find yourself sharing wildly personal details with a MeetMoi intro in the first few days, yet tongue-tied when it comes to traditional milestones, like Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

With the holidays looming around the corner like a vengeful, half-plucked turkey, when is it cool to ask that foxy guy or gal to share your giblets? We asked some dating experts for advice.

“Women can definitely suggest light and breezy, ‘Hey, my folks are going to be in town; what do you think? Is it time to meet the parents?’” says Donna Sozio, author of The Man Whisperer.  “Just be light, casual and easy breezy.”

But before you do so, here are a few bases to cover:

Relationship expert and author Kara Oh says to avoid unnecessary drama, make sure “you’re not ashamed of his table manners; she doesn’t drink too much; he’s clean, tidy and smells nice; she dresses tastefully.”

“You should be prepared to answer questions about who [your dinner guest] has dated and why it didn’t work out,” Sozio adds.

Kimberly Dawn Neumann, Dating/Relationship coach, and co-author of The Real Reasons Men Commit says your date should be comfortable in social situations. “Family gatherings require patience and flexibility. If your date can’t go with the flow, this will be one stressful holiday for all involved.”

And don’t be offended if you’re not invited to join your special someone’s family feast. Your crush may actually be shielding you from boozy brothers or grabby grandparents. Some families are “easier in small doses,” Neumann says.

Jackie Potts is a blogger for

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Thwart Cold Fall Weather with Warm Rendezvous

By Ella Riley-Adams

Living in New York, there comes a time in your year when you begin to dread ascending the metro, pulling your jacket tight against the inevitable gust of almost-winter air. You figure out how to pair tights and scarves with your summer outfits, you shift your favorite watering hole from rooftop bar to shadowy cave. Basically, you heed your animal instincts to participate in the ritual transition from summer heat into freezing temperatures.

But you don’t have to go it alone. Plan a cozy date with your next MeetMoi Intro to find a moment of reprieve as winter gradually takes its hold on NYC. Our suggestions:

Spend Happy Hour by a Fireplace Make your way to Smith Street in Brooklyn to try Angry Wade’s, an approachable and well-outfitted sports bar. Get in a friendly game of pool, then grab a beer and settle next to the flickering hearth. A NY Mag reviewer says that at Wade’s, “I feel like I am at home in Wisconsin whenever I go.” You know how friendly Midwesterners can be; let the cozy, comfortable vibe direct your date.

Start Close Conversation Over Cider Friend of a Farmer’s website slideshow features bare wooden ceiling beams and a photo of mason jars. A chicken illustration hangs on the wall. This should give you a sense of FoaF’s general vibe and tell you that it’s the perfect place for a steaming cuppa hot cider. The country café’s open for breakfast, lunch, and weekend brunch.

Steam in the East Village Billed as an “unexpected paradise,” the Russian and Turkish Baths (East 10th between First and Avenue A) certainly feel a world away from NYC sidewalks and brownstones. Their facilities include a Russian sauna, redwood sauna, and aromatherapy room. Ask if your date is game, then bring your swimsuits to languor in the healing heat. The temperature outside will feel simply refreshing afterwards.

Stretch Your Cold Muscles As trees lose their leaves and waters freeze, the human body also tends to become stiffer with the cold. Counteract this effect with a low-cost yoga class at Yoga to the People at St. Mark’s. Though the classes aren’t classified as “hot yoga,” we’re pretty sure you’ll still work up a sweat. After you loosen up, take your date for…

Tea Drinking at Cha-An Serious Eats says Cha-An is one of the 8 best places for afternoon tea in NYC. And apparently they’re serving pumpkin custard?!? Once you get over that drool-worthy fact, prepare to start breathing deeply because it’s impossible not to in Cha-An’s tranquil space. Leave your layers by the door and go for a heart to heart, hot matcha in hand. The freshly-baked earl grey scones will be up next.

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5 Fabulous Date Ideas for Under $15.00 in NYC

By Ella Riley-Adams

As Billy Joel says, the New York state of mind “comes down to reality.” While you may spend time pretending your budget doesn’t exist, that bottle service is a worthy luxury, or you can take another cab from Brooklyn, the reality may be you can’t afford such splurges. In a city with endless opportunities for fun and fine dining, it’s tempting to throw money around. But we don’t have to tell you it’s wise to keep an eye on your wallet. Face up to one of New York’s realities (it costs an incredible amount of money), take spending pressure off your next date, and plan something cheap and chic.

Find inspiration with our ideas:

1. Try Venezuelan Food in the East Village Ever had the Venezualan take on a taco? It’s called an arepa, and it’s basically a puffy pocket of dough filled with spiced vegetables and meat. Caracas (East 7th and First) makes a great Arepa. Their space is small, but it’s worth waiting for a seat to devour your food at its hottest. The Brooklyn branch also takes reservations. If you’re paying for your date, two arepas puts you at 15.00. Go Dutch and you can spring for guacamole and cervezas too.

2. Get Crafty Though the colors on their homepage are reminiscent of that one third grade birthday party where you ate too many cupcakes and threw up on your stuffed unicorn, Little Shop of Crafts is the best place for a cheap pottery painting excursion. Blank pottery pieces start at $16.00 and there’s no studio fee. Walk into their UES location to get to know your MeetMoi Intro as you pick colors, test brushes, and exercise your inner artists.

3. Mix Chocolate Milk and Stroll Central Park Buy some interesting variation on Nesquik (ask your date how he or she feels about spicy hot chocolate), then stir up a thermos of the sweet stuff. Bring a bag of marshmallows for dipping and melting, but don’t add them in too early! Meet your date at La Maison Du Chocolat to pick up a couple pastries, and then find a bench where you two can warm up together.

4. Buy Bargain Bonbons at Economy Candy One look at the website and you know Economy Candy isn’t your traditional mall-style candy store. You can search for candy by color. They sell both British imports and old-time American favorites like Boston Baked Beans and Abba Zabas. It’s also been around since 1937.

Meet your date in the L.E.S. to fill bags of your favorite sweets, then wander the historic streets while munching on gummy worms and candy corn. You may be too old to trick or treat, but you get the adult privilege of picking out your favorite sweet stuff—and choosing great company to match.

5. Hot Rum at The Drink This East Williamsburg shanty’s got “fine rums” starting at $6.00. Their cocktails start at $10.00, which puts you over our date limit but is nonetheless pretty great for any NY cocktail bar. Plus, we hear rumors of hot Wassail drinks, important for frozen winter nights when revelry is a requirement. Get on your sea-faring legs and make your way to this nautical lair for your next MeetMoi rendezvous.

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