Sexy or Scary? What Your Adult Halloween Costume Says About You

By Jackie Potts

Somewhere around the Pimp & Ho’ party era, Halloween stopped being just a kids’ cavity fest, and turned into a singles free-for-all. Proper paralegals now cavort in cupcake bra costumes a la Katy Perry, while hedge fund managers suit up like zombies, G.I. Joe, and sometimes Sweet Transvestites from Transsexual Transylvania (Thank you, “Rocky Horror Picture Show”).

Are you a single who can’t wait for October 31 to let your id run wild? And what does all this cos-play reveal about you?  Here are some popular, perennial costumes:

  • The Sexy Pirate Wench, Policewoman, Princess:  Funny how buttoned-down publicists by day morph into cleavage-baring fembots at night. Is this the Paris Hilton effect?
  • The Scary Zombie Bride or Slasher Villain: The same kids who used to throw dissected worm guts at you in Biology class have now moved onto gory costumes.
  • The Superhero: Psst, guys, ladies love a man in a cape and Spandex as long as it fills in all the right places—and none of the wrong.
  • The Cross-Dresser: Does every former jock itch to strap on heels and lipstick when the moon turns full? Personally, we’ll never forget the 6-foot, 3-inch coworker who revealed his fishnet fetish in 2006. Don’t dream it, be it. You’ll be remembered forever.

Here at MeetMoi, we recently co-hosted a Venetian Masquerade Ball with Social Media Exposure. Lots of fun-loving singles made new connections and indulged in outrageous adult Halloween fun. See the photos below!

If you’re headed out on October 31, stay safe with these common-sense tips. Tell your friends where you’re going. Never meet a stranger in costume alone: bring backup. And don’t accept cocktails from masked avengers, even if he (or she!) does have his own Batmobile.

Happy haunting!

Jackie Potts is a blogger for


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