Forget Horoscopes! What Does Your Cell Phone Say About You?

by Jackie Potts

Let’s say you’re on a great MeetMoi date. You like him..a lot. Then you spot his cell phone. It’s cracked in a spiderweb configuration, or from the last generation…or five. Pop quiz, hotshot: What do you do? Do you imagine ridicule? Does your life flash before your eyes?

Nicole, 32, can relate. The dater is temporarily using a flip phone because her iPhone was stolen. “I’m mortified,” she confesses. “I find myself explaining why I have a dumb phone. So I secretly text inside my purse!”

Cars, cufflinks, cell phones. They’re all status symbols: shortcuts for who you “are.” In fact, cell phones say a lot about a person—if you’re paying attention*:

  • Carry the latest iPhone—before your friends? You’re either Apple obsessed, or image-conscious to the point of narcissism. Or, maybe you just love the camera feature.
  • Blackberry? You’re likely a loyal and steadfast partner, but perhaps nostalgic and resistant to change.
  • Android? You’re a nonconformist who sniffs at the latest trends. You love music, wear skinny jeans, and live in Brooklyn, Los Feliz, or Santa Fe.
  • Satellite phone? You’re Marty McFly and you just valeted your 1985 DeLorean.

What kind of phone do you have, and what does it say about you?

* All results are fictitious. However, we take full credit for any resemblance to real life circumstances.

Jackie Potts is a blogger, copywriter, and content strategist for 



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2 responses to “Forget Horoscopes! What Does Your Cell Phone Say About You?

  1. Janie

    This just happened to me the other day! I went on a date with a cute guy who carried an old-model Nokia phone. He was proud of it though..lived in Brooklyn and loves how retro it is! I was not loving how I could not see any of his foodie photos up close (and kept trying to enlarge it with my fingers; no dice!). Too funny!!

  2. Stacey

    I’ve been carrying an old Crackberry and everyone always asks me,
    Why do you have such an old phone??? Then I met this cute guy and he pulled out his phone and it was a Crackberry too!! I was so relieved. We bonded over our mutual Crackberry love. LOL

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