Top 5 Places to Take a Health-conscious Date in NYC

By Ella Riley-Adams

You’ve just been intro’d to a new person via MeetMoi. She lists Lululemon as her favorite shopping destination and says her personal slogan is, “I carry kale!” Or maybe his biceps are bigger than your head and his hobbies include “core strength” and “making smoothies.”

In any case, you realize your prospective date will not be satisfied with any old outing. Of course they’d be polite if you plopped them in a Chipotle or sat through a movie with buttery popcorn between you, but why not use this date as an opportunity to try something new and bodily beneficial? If it seems your date is health conscious, or you yourself are aiming to get in shape, give one of these ideas a go.

1. One Lucky Duck Meet your date at Chelsea Market for a raw juice and granola bar from this food purist booth. It’s grab-and-go fare from the same people who run Pure Food and Wine (recommended on our vegan list). Dare your date to try the “Hot Pink” drink: a concoction of beet, pineapple, pear and ginger. Then head up to the high line for an invigorating walk to midtown.

2. Tango Chances are, your health-conscious date loves to move. Instead of getting competitive through a sport like soccer or inducing exhaustion with rock-climbing or running, get close and challenge yourselves with dancing. It’s a fun, romantic way to be active together. Try Central Park Tango on Saturday nights or “Tango on the Square” in Union Square throughout September.

3. Governor’s Island Though bike-riding can be terrifying on the streets of Manhattan, Governor’s Island offers welcome respite from blaring horns and speeding taxis. Rent bikes on this former military base and breathe the fresh river air as you cycle around. When you buy your lunch from charming stand Perfect Picnic (or pack your own for sweet-date points), you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to a quiet Massachusetts town.

4. Kombucha Tasting Yes, kombucha is basically fermented mushroom juice. It’s also incredibly nutritious and the latest health food trend (check out your nearest Whole Foods for evidence). This week, Dig Inn Seasonal Market and Kombucha Brooklyn came together to launch the city’s first kombucha bar. Dig Inn’s Union Square location will host four ‘buch flavors, Grub Street reports. Take your date and rate every flavor. If you hate them all and need to drown the flavor, Rye House is just around the corner.

5. Brunch at Eat If you live in Brooklyn, this Greenpoint spot is healthy and local. If you don’t, Eat’s homey atmosphere and fresh dishes are worth the trip. Whatever health movement your date subscribes to—vegetarian, vegan, locavore, or seasonal eater—Eat has a delicious option on offer. Bring cash for your meal, as Eat doesn’t accept credit cards. It’s also BYOB, so cart some champagne (fewer calories than wine!) to mix with the restaurant’s orange juice.


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