What Really Matters On An Intro’s Profile?

By Natasha Burton

A potential Intro’s profile is your way of finding out if two would make a good match — or at least have a fun meet-up. But, the various information on a person’s profile should not be weighed equally. While you may want your taste in movies to be the same as the person’s you date, for example, whether or not someone enjoyed “The Hangover” is not as important as some of the more telling qualities an Intro’s profile will reveal for the long-run. Here are the clues for compatibility that you should really pay attention to.

The Intro’s interests

Instead of focusing on whether or not you have the same taste in music or movies — or even the same sense of humor — look for commonalities in your lifestyles. You can introduce each other to new cinematic and symphonic tastes, but you can’t change the way someone likes to live his or her life. For example, if a potential Intro enjoys hiking and you hate the great outdoors, that details matters much more than if you both enjoy jamming out to Death Cab.

The Intro’s profile photo

Of course, the photo is one of the most important and most-weighed aspects of a profile. But don’t just look at it for looks — the photo someone chooses can tell you a lot about his or her personality and confidence level. Take a close look: Is the photo self-taken? Overly Instagram-filtered? Super-posed? Is the person in costume? Is a cat in the photo? A niece or nephew? Really look at the details to determine if you’d make a good match, not just the Intro’s face and body shape.

The Intro’s age

Sure you’ll be looking at the physical stats like whatever an Intro reports for his or her height, weight and other physical attributes, but these aren’t as important as age. If you’re a guy who wants to play the field, know that many single women in their early 30s might be looking to settle down.

What the Intro is looking for 

In that same vein, you want to really pay attention to what an Intro says he or she wants to get out of dating. Of course, it’s important to look at the qualities he or she might be looking for in a partner to make sure you meet them, but it’s even more important to understand the kind of relationship he or she is looking for. If a guy says he’s still sowing those wild oats, believe him and don’t expect him to want to be in a relationship. If a woman says she just wanted to have fun, she probably isn’t wanting to be a wife any time soon. And if an Intro is adamant about settling down, don’t waste his or her time because you just want to have a fling and you find the person attractive. That’s how you get bad dating ju-ju.


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  1. really i’m glad now! i got it now what my mistake was probabily be.i need guidline to take my profile correction

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