Stop! Read This Before You Send That Sexy Text

By Jackie Potts

Let’s say your MeetMoi Intro is going swimmingly. The chemistry’s electric and the night’s a delicious blur. In fact, even though you’ve only met once, the next day you feel compelled to share … more. So you take a deep breath and type a sexy text  …  that accidentally goes to your boss, your ex or, hold onto your iPhones, your MOM.

You’ve just been burned by the sexting gods. So before you dip your toe into the murky waters of dirty texting (photos or sexually explicit messages), consider these consequences: Text  messages can’t be recalled and plenty of things can go awry, from mis-sent texts to sexual harassment charges to torpedoed Congressional careers (remember Anthony Weiner?).

Most women have stories of receiving explicit texts or photos from overeager Barneys, which they immediately deleted. But we learned while reporting this post that guys can be just as easily offended.

Mike, 28, recalls a lady friend who came on way too strong: “After turning down her texts, one day she texted asking if I wanted to have a 3-way with her and another guy… That’s definitely the way to my heart … LOL.”

At MeetMoi, we don’t condone sending any texts that are abusive, harassing, vulgar, obscene, or invasive of another’s privacy. (What you do on your own time is your own risky business.) However, before you send that sexy text or photo, ask yourself these questions:

  • How well do I really know this person?
  • Are they conservative or do they have religious values that could be offended by flirty texts?
  • Do they share their phone with anyone else – a family member, co-worker, or friend?
  • Are their phones easily visible in their work place? Do they take their phones to client or office meetings?
  • Are their phones unlocked so that anyone can see their photos or instant messages?
  • Would I be embarrassed if this text were to be made public to friends, coworkers or family members?

Do you have a naughty text story that went wrong? Share it with us here!



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2 responses to “Stop! Read This Before You Send That Sexy Text

  1. I don’t really think this is all that funny ,now you guys r rolling oh ya in. a big ball ona big bed. like a snake ball ya haha ha

  2. Great advice! I think we are getting a little too open with our texting, lol. I love your site. I was wondering if you had a moment, could you please email me (catherine2003 at gmail dot com). I have an idea for you for a potential partnership opportunity and I’d love to take just one moment of your time to discuss. Thanks!

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