Get Out: 5 Ways to Keep Summer Alive on Your Next Date in NYC

By Ella Riley-Adams

In France, back-to-school time applies to everyone. It’s called “rentrée,” which basically means “the return.” When September rolls around, everyone has to deal with the shock of the cold, the ramped-up work routine, and the melancholy of summer past. This transition is marked partially because the French are avid vacation-takers, but also because they understand that the changing of the seasons matters for everyone, not just students.

Soften the blow of fall by bringing some summer to your next MeetMoi rendez-vous. We’ve got ideas for NYC locations and activities that will make the inevitable move towards winter a bit warmer. Many happy returns!

Sip Iced Coffee at Blue Bottle Coffee. Invite your MeetMoi Intro to this Williamsburg café. They roast their own beans in the background and one wall hosts a pair of bulbous drip-coffee devices. It’s bright and clean, a perfect fall mood-lifting atmosphere in addition to the caffeine. All iced coffee is brewed cold so the flavors are crisp. If you’re ready to make the move to hot drinks, however, go for a free public cupping on Thursdays at noon. Lunch date!

Experience the Lowline. A subterranean counterpart to the enormously successful highline, the Lowline will turn an old LES underground tramway into a public park.  Complete with sunlight-channeling “remote skylights” and real plants, this space will give New Yorkers a taste of summer strolling even when the ground above is covered in frost. This month, the innovators behind the idea have opened an exhibit to help raise interest in their project. Go see “Imagining the Lowline” to get a first glimpse of the project.

Swim Good. Channel Frank Ocean and drop by the Grace Hotel to get some time in the drink. For $10.00, you get access to the heated pool and spa. The pool boasts a swim-up bar and if your date forgets her swimsuit, you can buy one at the front desk. Spend the evening practicing your backstroke, drinking mojitos, and recounting the last time you were at the beach.

Go Camping. No, we don’t expect you to own a sleeping bag or a backpack. Instead of freezing and eating baked beans in some mountain cave, make the trek to Camp, a quaint Carroll Gardens bar. Break the first-date ice by ordering s’mores and roasting the marshmallows over a board game. It’s rural summer life including deer heads and panoramic landscape, but sans mosquitoes and sweat.

Eat Ice Cream. While chilly weather makes popsicles and ice cream cones less appealing, you can still enjoy summer’s best cold treat—just indoors, and with espresso. Try Van Leeuwen’s affogato, made with Intelligentsia coffee and the artisan ice cream maker’s creamy confection. Their menu suggests they only serve it with vanilla, but we’re pretty sure that if you ask nicely, they’ll make you one with Earl Grey or Cinnamon.


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