How to Talk to Guys: 5 Opening Lines for Women

By Jackie Potts

Ladies, ever spot a cute guy but been paralyzed as to how to start a conversation? It used to be fine to play coy and wait for him to approach, but this is 2012, the year of Lady GaGa and Carly Rae Jepsen (Dude, call her already, won’t you?)!

It’s time for you to make the first move, but, never fear, MeetMoi is here to be your wingwoman.  After all, that guy you’re crushing on at the bar may be intimidated because (a) you’re surrounded by a loud group of girls, (b) he just scarfed down a burger piled with onions and doesn’t have a breath mint, or (d) he doesn’t know what to say.  So, if you’ve ever been rendered speechless by a set of dimples, try one of these no-fail opening lines (several also work via MeetMoi message, too):

  1. Hi, You look like my next ex boyfriend. Humor is a great ice-breaker and this little bon mot is sure to get his attention either via MeetMoi message or in person. Plus, if he doesn’t get the joke, then you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re smarter than he (er, him).
  2.  I just fell off the wagon. Will you be my sponsor?  Believe us, we have nothing but the greatest respect for those who’ve ditched Mr. Al K. Hall. That’s why the beauty of this dandy is that it works either in a bar setting or at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.
  3.  Didn’t I see you at [nearby trendy restaurant or bar]? This is innocent, totally unverifiable, and not 100% stalker-ish at all.
  4. Did you hear [Incubus, Tool or U2] are breaking up? Oh, if I had a Louis Vuitton Speedy for every time a guy asked me to a Tool concert! It’s irrelevant whether this info is true or not. What does matter is that these are bands guys like (you can adjust your band choice by geographical region or genre), and if they’re into music, it will definitely spark their interest. If they genuinely don’t care, then ask, “What kind of music do you like?” to keep the ball rolling.
  5. Which do you like better – the new Camaro or the old Camaro? A reliable guy friend assures me that this is an idiot-proof way to talk to guys because they always have opinions about cars. If he’s the earth-conscious-type, you could always switch to the “new Prius or the old Prius”?

Bonus line:

I don’t bite. – Saunter over and murmur this to the cute but shy guy who keeps staring at you from across the bar.



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4 responses to “How to Talk to Guys: 5 Opening Lines for Women

  1. Melissa

    I will have to try these, good advice!

  2. Ron

    As a single guy I would have to agree with these. Often we guys see women turning others down and assume they don’t want the attention. Also when out with a group girls it can be intimidating to approach.

  3. BG

    All total crap, just like “pickup lines” for guys. Ladies, it’s really very simple. Just stop playing so godd@mn hard to get.

  4. Sounds like you’ve had a rough time out there, BG. Wouldn’t you appreciate it if a cute woman started a conversation with you, rather than you having to do all the work?

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