Can’t Ever Make it to Date #2? Five Signs You’re Too Picky

By Natasha Burton

While there’s nothing wrong with having standards — everyone on the dating scene should — there’s definitely such thing as being too selective about the people you’ll go out with. If you’re finding that no one you meet seems to live up to your wants and needs, it might mean that what you’re looking for just doesn’t exist. Here are five ways to know that you’re being too picky.

You rarely get past the messaging stage

Instead of meeting up in person, you use the time you should be going on dates to second guess whether or not you and an Intro will have a connection. Rather than trying to predict the future — a fruitless endeavor if I’ve ever seen one — get yourself face-to-face with some potential love interests. Stop worrying about “wasting time” with the “wrong” person and just go out with someone — anyone! That’s kind of the point, right?

You can’t remember the last time you went on a second date

So, perhaps you make it on dates but you always tend to find some kind of fatal flaw that keeps you from wanting to go back for more … over and over and over again. If you can’t find anyone you’d like to get to know a little better, then the issue is likely your too-high standards, no the intros you’re meeting up with.

Your “list” is pages long

While it’s important to be aware of what you want — and don’t want — in a partner, your requisites shouldn’t be able to fill a notebook page. Capiche?

Your concept of the “ideal” partner is not based in reality

Yes, yes, we all know that men want women who are vixens in the bedroom and ladies in public, while women want men who are manly but still willing to watch “The Notebook” with them on date night. But while many people certainly possess opposing characteristics — I know many a carnivore who also care about animal rights — you’re likely not going to find someone who has, say, both supermodel looks and brain surgeon smarts. If that’s who you’re looking for, you’ll probably be searching indefinitely.

Your friends have stopped trying to set you up

Perhaps your pals used to suggest fellow single friends who they thought you might hit it off with and encourage you two to meet up. But, no one wants to subject their buddies to someone (you) who likely won’t give them the time of day. When your friends stop offering up their “cute, single coworker,” or “really awesome friend-of-a-friend,” it’s a sign that they think you’re too picky to want to go out with anyone they know.


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