A Guide to Dating Profile Pictures: Avoid including exes, booze, and/or nudity

by Jackie Potts

Do you cave under the pressure of choosing a 160×160 pixel profile photo to separate you from the dating throngs?

When it comes to mobile dating, we all want to stand out. Here at MeetMoi, we also want you to have more quality dates—not be mistaken as the newest cast member of Jersey Shore.

Here are some photo Do’s and Don’ts to help you succeed:


  1. Do get a shot of yourself doing something fun or active outdoors, or in natural light. Jogging, walking along the pier, or sitting at an outdoor café are all good choices as long as your face can be clearly seen…and your shirt is ON (see below).
  2. Don’t wear hats, sunglasses, or humorous wigs.  Ladies really want to see your whole glorious head, so don’t cover up with accessories. And P.S.: Bald is sexy! Jason Taylor. Taye Diggs. Jason Statham.
  3. Don’t pose next to your motorcycle or muscle car. It’s swell that you ride a cruiser, but when some ladies see engines, they think, My hair will get thrashed, not I MUST have him.
  4. Don’t listen to your wingman. Not all chicks love Ed Hardy!
  5. Don’t shoot yourself…shirtless. Pics taken at the computer are a little too “To Catch a Predator.” Walk 15 feet to the outside of your apartment to take a photo.
  6. Don’t flash gang signs. You never know when your parole officer might be cruising online.


  1. Do include a recent photo—waist up. Pop in some feminine details, like a flower in your hair or a colorful top. It’s OK to show some shoulder or neck, but please keep the “ladies” part of you sufficiently covered. Having a magnificent rack is wonderful, but why not let the mystery unfold in a more organic way?
  2. Don’t make the fishface. So you don’t have Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones (who does?!). The only date you’re going to attract by sucking in those cheeks, sister, lives underwater and knows Nemo.
  3. Don’t substitute your pet for your photo. We agree, Lady PawPaw is adorable but she’s not going to help you land that hottie!
  4. Don’t zoom in on a single body part. Yes, you do have nice elbows. But most guys like to see eyes (2) and a mouth (1). Self-conscious about your weight? You can contour your face with makeup or try a slimming pose (we’ll tell you how in a future post!).
  5. Don’t stand so far away. Hellloooo, cutie! Is that you way back there behind those trees and that flock of geese? Try to stay within five feet of the camera lens. This isn’t Google Earth!

Everyone! Avoid including exes, booze, and/or nudity.

We hope these suggestions ease your anxiety. Did we miss something? Tell us your dating photo Do’s and Don’t’s!



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4 responses to “A Guide to Dating Profile Pictures: Avoid including exes, booze, and/or nudity

  1. singlewhitefemaledating

    This is GOLD star advice… from a female point of view there is nothing more off putting than a shirtless guy or one holding a beer!!! 😦

  2. so true! we don’t allow any shirtless guy photos on MeetMoi.

  3. WhatTheWhat?!

    “Avoid including exes…”

    Yes to this. You wouldn’t think you’d have to say this, but a friend of mine found her ex’s dating profile that included a photo of them as a couple from, um, happier times!

  4. Melissa

    I need to redo my picture for sure! And I never reply to a man who has a picture of himself shirtless.

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