Guys: Does Your Profile Make You Look Creepy?

By Natasha Burton

Writing a dating profile can be a daunting task: You want to come off as cool, but not completely unapproachable, excited to meet someone but certainly not desperate. Typically, guys tend to have a bit more trouble creating these digital dating resumes, so here are five tips to help you start enticing the kind of Intros you want to meet-up with — without coming off as conceited or creepy.

Stay away from generic physical must-haves

Many people include qualities they would like to find in a potential partner on their profiles. And I would argue that most people want to find someone who is good-looking — that’s just a given. But guys should avoid listing characteristics like “beautiful” and “fit” in their “must-haves.” Even though these qualities are kind of like, well, duh!, including them can immediately mark you as shallow to a potential intro.

Balance inner and outer beauty

Make sure the qualities you are looking for in a woman go beyond the physical and the fun. Most guys do want to date women who are kind and generous, but they often won’t list these characteristics on a profile. Make sure you show that you are indeed looking for more than just a gal who’s easy on the eyes and and good in bed  — not only does it show that you actually have a bit of depth to you but it will help you find a woman of substance. Also, on a somewhat unrelated note, never say you are looking for a woman who is “sensual.” That really creeps girls out.

Don’t make your requirements read like a job posting

When listing what you want in a woman, balance specificity with a conversational tone. Words like “communicative” can sound a bit sterile and should be swapped for “easy to talk to” — even if it costs you extra characters in the description box. It’s better to sound more laid back than it is to be concise in this case.

Make sure you include what you have to offer

If you list 14 qualities you want in a woman, you best believe you should be listing just as many that you have to offer her back — unless you want to come off as a self-involved jerk. After all, a woman who is amazing enough to fit all of you wants is likely smart enough to know that she’s worth finding someone amazing in return. If you’re not sure exactly what to put down as your best qualities try answering these questions to show your personality and life goals: What do your friends love about you? What would you do if you didn’t have to work?

Choose photos wisely

Aside from your specs, your pictures are the most important part of your profile. But, understandably, it’s hard to present your best self in a totally natural way. To avoid putting up photos that look posey or trying-too-hard,  find a candid snapshot of yourself (or ask a friend to take one when you’re not expecting it), then add some images that show your personality (you dressed up for Halloween, you playing Guitar Hero). A few other tips: No shirtless pics, no photos of you with other women (unless it’s clear that these women are you mom, sister, or best friend) and no staged pics with you car, gun collection or chinchilla.


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