5 ways to know she’s definitely not interested in a second date

By Natasha Burton

As many guys know, women can be hard to read sometimes. Part of this is because we’ve been taught that showing how we really feel about a man will only scare him away — and we are less often told that these kinds of men are precisely the kind we should be avoiding.

But, whatever the reason (not wanting to appear too interested, nerves), you may not exactly know if an Intro is interested in a second date after your first meet-up, so here are some ways to tell that she’s definitely not. While some of these signs might seem rather obvious, you’d be surprised how many men misread them and continue their fruitless pursuits. Don’t be that guy.

1. She turns the other cheek.

If you go in for the kiss at the end of your date, and a girl turns her lips away from yours to present you with her cheek (or she simply dives into a hug so you miss her face altogether), she’s not simply oblivious to the move you’re trying to pull … she just doesn’t want her lips to touch yours. For some of us, kissing means something special — it’s the catalyst for that butterflies-in-the-stomach, rush of potential love feeling we crave. If a woman doesn’t seem to want to feel that, she’s just not feeling you.

2. She returns your calls with texts.

If you call your intro to thank her for a great time and ask when you can see her again and she doesn’t call you back, she’s not “busy” and she doesn’t “hate the phone” — she’s just not into you enough to invest her time in talking to you. Also, women who only text you back not only aren’t interested in going out with you again, they might feel bad about blowing you off and don’t have the emotional maturity to call you up to actually tell you that. Consider this a bullet dodged.

3. She stalls when you try to secure a second date.

If you attempt to ask a gal out for date number two, and she likes you, she’ll immediately give you a couple options of nights she might be free to meet up. If she doesn’t really want to see you again, she may not come right out and tell you (for fearing of hurting your precious feelings). Instead, she’ll tell you that she “might have a friend in town this week” or she’s “not sure what her plans are yet,” stalling as long as she can and hoping that you’ll just get the hint. Take it.

4. She keeps you guessing about where you stand.

Some guys love the cat-and-mouse game of the chase, and some girls play it because they’re well aware of this. But, at some point, a mature woman who is actually into you will stop the shenanigans and let you know where you stand in her eyes — and her heart. If your intro keeps playing the role of the tease, she either doesn’t know how to have an adult relationship (and enjoys keeping you hooked to her line), or she’s too scared to tell you the truth — that she doesn’t like you as much as you like her. 


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