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A Guide to Dating Profile Pictures: Avoid including exes, booze, and/or nudity

by Jackie Potts

Do you cave under the pressure of choosing a 160×160 pixel profile photo to separate you from the dating throngs?

When it comes to mobile dating, we all want to stand out. Here at MeetMoi, we also want you to have more quality dates—not be mistaken as the newest cast member of Jersey Shore.

Here are some photo Do’s and Don’ts to help you succeed:


  1. Do get a shot of yourself doing something fun or active outdoors, or in natural light. Jogging, walking along the pier, or sitting at an outdoor café are all good choices as long as your face can be clearly seen…and your shirt is ON (see below).
  2. Don’t wear hats, sunglasses, or humorous wigs.  Ladies really want to see your whole glorious head, so don’t cover up with accessories. And P.S.: Bald is sexy! Jason Taylor. Taye Diggs. Jason Statham.
  3. Don’t pose next to your motorcycle or muscle car. It’s swell that you ride a cruiser, but when some ladies see engines, they think, My hair will get thrashed, not I MUST have him.
  4. Don’t listen to your wingman. Not all chicks love Ed Hardy!
  5. Don’t shoot yourself…shirtless. Pics taken at the computer are a little too “To Catch a Predator.” Walk 15 feet to the outside of your apartment to take a photo.
  6. Don’t flash gang signs. You never know when your parole officer might be cruising online.


  1. Do include a recent photo—waist up. Pop in some feminine details, like a flower in your hair or a colorful top. It’s OK to show some shoulder or neck, but please keep the “ladies” part of you sufficiently covered. Having a magnificent rack is wonderful, but why not let the mystery unfold in a more organic way?
  2. Don’t make the fishface. So you don’t have Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones (who does?!). The only date you’re going to attract by sucking in those cheeks, sister, lives underwater and knows Nemo.
  3. Don’t substitute your pet for your photo. We agree, Lady PawPaw is adorable but she’s not going to help you land that hottie!
  4. Don’t zoom in on a single body part. Yes, you do have nice elbows. But most guys like to see eyes (2) and a mouth (1). Self-conscious about your weight? You can contour your face with makeup or try a slimming pose (we’ll tell you how in a future post!).
  5. Don’t stand so far away. Hellloooo, cutie! Is that you way back there behind those trees and that flock of geese? Try to stay within five feet of the camera lens. This isn’t Google Earth!

Everyone! Avoid including exes, booze, and/or nudity.

We hope these suggestions ease your anxiety. Did we miss something? Tell us your dating photo Do’s and Don’t’s!



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Impromptu Date Ideas: A Gluten-Free Date Can Still Be Delicious, 5 Places to Go in NYC

MeetMoi is all about introducing you to new and interesting people nearby that you can meet up with in person. This post is part of a series to give you hints on where to take your new Intro on an impromptu date. Get more ideas here.

By Ella Riley-Adams

At first glance, you may think a gluten-free date means minimal fun. No beer, no cake, no burger buns.

But you’re wrong. Perhaps in a different part of the world you and your date would be relegated to eating out on green beans and lettuce, but as usual in New York City, convenient dining choices abound.

As more and more Americans give up gluten (meaning wheat and its related grain species) for their health, you’re all the more likely to encounter one on MeetMoi. When you do, take them on a date that leaves both of you feeling satisfied, not limited by dietary restrictions. Some suggestions:

1. Tu-Lu’s Bakery Amidst the temptations of Magnolia’s and the ubiquitous cupcakery, Crumbs, gluten-free eaters (and general food lovers alike) are lucky to have this adorable East Village bake shop. In addition to cupcakes, cookies (one epic vegan oatmeal, almond, banana, dried cherry, chocolate chip cookie please!) and brownies, Tu-Lu’s serves up gluten-free paninis and a basic drinks menu. And the best bit: If sparks fly on this first date, you can eventually order your wedding cake from the very same place!

2. Rawlicious Why not take your date all the way? For a meat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, taste-abundant experience, try this SoHo restaurant. We’re especially excited about their pasta Bolognese made with zucchini noodles and insane superfood cookies created with 13 nutrient-packing ingredients. Go to Rawlicious for a light lunch, then stroll through SoHo to discuss personal style on Broadway or your latest reading at Housing Works.

3. Pizza Roma Wednesdays Pizza is often a gluten-free eater’s biggest heartbreak. Thankfully, a few classic New York joints have taken pity. Pizza Roma offers gluten-free pizzas every Wednesday, while Kesté, a few doors down on Bleecker, sells gluten-free pies on Monday and Tuesday evenings. If you and your date are getting along well after your pizza excursion, go for an inevitably interesting drink at nearby speakeasy Little Branch. The door’s unmarked, but you’ll see a doorman standing at the address. Tell the bartender what you like and he or she will make you something delicious.

If you’re going for the whole pizza-and-beer combination, try Pie on 4th Ave. In addition to gluten-free pizza, they serve gluten-free brews.

4. Kaffe 1668 There’s no gluten in coffee! Yay! So while this spot doesn’t specifically serve “gluten-free” fare, its Intelligentsia caffeinated beverages are wonderful on a fall afternoon in the Financial District. Behind the uniform green awning you’ll find soft lights, plush sheep (apparently their mascot) and wooden tables. Ask for a single origin coffee “for here” and sit in the window with your date. Kaffe 1668 will serve your brew in a gigantic mug—a perfect companion that first getting-to-know-you conversation.

5. The Room A New York Magazine Critic’s Pick, this bar serves four kinds of gluten-free beer on its list of 70-plus options. And if either you or your date gets more into wine as the night moves on, The Room’s got two dozen types to choose from. A wealth of options and romantic ambiance make this spot a date haven. For more gluten-free beer bars in NYC, check out Celiac Chick’s thorough map.

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Join MeetMoi and Running Late Show this Fall for Laughs

The evenings are getting slightly cooler here in New York, which means summer is coming to an end—but that doesn’t mean the fun will. Our summer event series, “Seize the Date,” was such a hit, we wanted to extend the excitement into the upcoming fall months. Here’s a sneak peek at one of the major partnerships we’re bringing to you.

Starting September 6, MeetMoi is teaming up with one of the funniest comedy talk shows in the city—Running Late Show with Scott Rogowsky. You can catch the show live at the Peoples Improv Theatre for the first three Thursdays of every month.

Each Thursday, there’s a different guest as part of the show. Here’s a look at the lineup for September:

  • 9/6 : Lead singer of the Spin Doctors CHRIS BARRON! He’ll be playing some classic hits. And from the Key of Awesome (over 1.5 billion YouTube hits) MARK DOUGLAS! Purchase tickets here. 
  • 9/13: RL Stine (Author), David Shuster (Current TV news anchor), and Stone & Stone (Last Comic Standing). Purchase tickets here. 
  • 9/20: An Evening with The New Yorker Cartoonists. Purchase tickets here. 

During the shows, which begin at 9:30pm, MeetMoi users get a 2-for-1 drink special. Link up with an Intro and join the crowd for some good laughs. Email with your name in the subject line, and you’ll receive a drink coupon at the box office.

Past guests have included actress Amber Tamblyn (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), Jenny Slate (The Lorax), David Cross (Arrested Development), Dave Hill (10 Things I Hate About You TV series), and more.

Hope you’re ready to laugh; we’ll see you there!

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We Need Your Thumbs Up: Send MeetMoi to Austin!

We believe smartphones have the power to change everyone’s lives for the better and we’d like to share those ideas with some of the best and brightest people in the interactive, film, and music world at SXSW 2013. But, in order to get there, we need your help. If you love MeetMoi,vote for our panel to help send us to Austin.

Here’s how to vote:

  1. Go to the SXSW Panel Picker site and sign up for an account.
  2. Once registered, go to or search for panel 13078.
  3. Click on the Thumbs Up button.

It’s that easy and we’ll be one more vote closer to getting to Austin. Thank you!

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What To Do If Your Intro Looks Nothing Like His or Her Picture

By Natasha Burton

There’s an adage about online dating that, upon viewing a potential intro’s profile, you should subtract a couple inches from a man’s disclosed height and add a couple pounds to a woman’s weight. Whether or not most people actually lie on their profiles is unclear, but many daters have reported this phenomenon from their own experience.

The issue with fibbing in one’s profile is not so much the fact that someone is actually shorter (or larger) than they claim but more the questions that this disparity creates: Is lying on one’s profile a red flag? Should the discrepancy between reported body size and reality be brought up or go politely unmentioned? Here’s what to do to handle the situation with grace.

1. Kindly hide your shock.

A friend of mine went date with a guy who claimed to be 5’8″ and turned out to be well under five feet. To say she was shocked would be an understatement — and rightly so. But, unless you are a terribly cruel person, don’t lead with “Wow, you look nothing like your picture/what you said you looked like on your profile” upon meeting your Intro if something similar happens to you. At the beginning of a meet-up you should focus on trying to get to know a person for who they really are. Show restraint so you don’t end up hurting your date’s feelings — and ruining your changes with a great potential partner because you couldn’t look beyond the physical.

2. Ask nicely.

There is nothing wrong with bringing up the fact that your date may have stretched the truth on his or her profile during the date in a kind, inquisitive way. In the case of my friend, she discovered that her date was having a hard time getting past the messaging stage —  no one wanted to meet up with him because of his short stature, so he changed his height on his profile. The thing is, your date knows that he or she put information that could be misleading, whether through facts or by posting old photos, so if you don’t bring this up there will be an elephant in the room the entire date. Being honest and upfront can actually be the polite thing to do in order to clear the air. Say something simple and to the point like: “I can’t help but notice that you seem to look quite different than the information you put on your profile,” and allow your date to explain.

3. Evaluate the circumstances

In my friend’s case, her date’s impatience about not being able to get women to go out with him — and therefore modifying his profile to change that — was a deal breaker.  Instead of finding someone who was interested in him for him, he was essentially duping women into giving him a chance. But other people’s fibs might not be red flags: like the woman who gained 20 pounds because she’s still recovering from surgery, or a guy who says he’s just two inches taller than he really is so he can select a higher “height bracket.” These “lies” are either temporary, presumably, or minor and they shouldn’t skew your opinion of someone. Plus, if a couple inches (or pounds) are dealbreakers for you, you might want to reevaluate your dating parameters: As a long-standing adage claims: It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

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Your OMG! Texting Guide: A Male/Female Text Translation

By Jackie Potts

Texting? Oh yeah, you’ve got TXT SWAG. SRSLY. You’re so down, your keypad has flames on it. Even your thumbprints are in the texting hall of fame! So why did that hottie you met at the last MeetMoi event stop texting you back? Things were going TOTZ SWT (totally sweet). You texted morning and night, lots of LULZ (strings of LOLs) and then – silence. Now, even the Mars Rover couldn’t pick up their signal!

You may know how to text, but are you missing the, um, subtext? Sure, nothing beats texting for flirting and killing time (when you’re really in a boring staff meeting!). But behind all the LMAOs and <3s , there’s hidden context. If you miss, or misread it, you could find yourself *ignored*…or worse, banished to Troll Town.

Happily, MeetMoi has your back. First, let us share a few simple rules for Text-topia…

  • Acknowledge. If your latest crush texts, and you can’t text back within 20 minutes, send a smiley face or “Talk later?” For ladies, nothing cools a potential romance faster than if she thinks you’re ignoring her texts. A smiley from a guy shows you’ve gotten the message, but you just can’t reply at the moment. If it’s hours later, a short explanation (“in a meeting” or “phone died” suffices.)
  • Avoid TMI (too much information). Congratulations! You have a life. No need to document your every workout or meal. A little mystery goes a long way.
  • Steer clear of one-word answers. Put a little flavor in your texts.“Coo” or “K” are fine for firming up plans, but will send you to Kas-Text-istan if that’s your entire game.

Do you wish you had a text translator? Check this out. Here’s how to find out if discontent—or a booty call—is what’s really on your crush’s mind.

Things girls text:

❤  = Luv!

LOL = Meh.

Cool = I don’t care.

BRB = I’m bored with this convo.

TTYL! = Someone more interesting is texting me.

! = I like you, but not that much.

!! = I like you. Seriously!!

!!! = I’m on my third latte!!!

🙂 = Can’t talk now.

Things guys text:

Sup = Hi.

Hey = I have no game.

Hi gorgeous = I have too much game.

Whatcha doing? = What are you wearing?

Send me a pic = I forget what you look like.

😉 = I’m horny.


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How to Nail that First Message to an Intro

By Natasha Burton

Your first interaction with an Intro is the very first thing he or she will judge you by — for better or for worse. So, making a good impression with that initial message is obviously key. Here are some tips that will pretty much guarantee a “yes” to your meet-up invitation.

Be concrete

Your message should focus on a solid reason why you think you and the potential date should meet up, not hinge on a vague observation like, “Hey, you’re cute.” Outline why you think you and the person you’re messaging will get along well. Maybe you share a love for surfing or geeky movies, maybe you sense something about his or her personality that speaks to yours. Don’t be afraid to be specific — it shows you’ve put some thought into your message, which will make the person receiving it feel special.

Be thoughtful

Show you read your Intro’s profile by making a thoughtful suggestion of something you could do together. You could build upon your shared interests, if you mention them in the message, or come up with ideas based on what the person is passionate about: If she’s a foodie, ask if she wants to go to a preview at a new restaurant; if he’s an artist, ask about checking out an art walk together.

Be confident

At the end of the message, don’t make comments like “If you’re not interested, don’t worry about messaging me back” or “Sorry for wasting your time.” Statements like these will cause your potential Intro to automatically question whether or not you’re worth the time it takes to meet up — if you don’t have confidence in yourself, why would a stranger have any? If you’re taking the time to message this person, you should be doing so because you think the two of you would hit it off and you’re excited to see if you’re right. Express that, not your doubts, and be clear about your intentions.

Be articulate

Show that you put time into the message by using correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Try to stick to actual words — don’t include LOLs OMFGs or SRSLYs if you want to be taken seriously — and don’t be afraid to ask a pal to take a look at your message if you’re not sure about how it reads.

Be brief

No one wants to open a message — whether while on a dating site or sifting through work email — and find paragraph upon paragraph awaiting them. Get your point across in three to four sentences. Yes, it might take you longer to be concise, but it’s better to take the extra time to edit yourself down than burden your potential intro with a super long message to sift through.

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