Duckfacing, action shots, shirtless shots: what your dating profile photo says about you

By Natasha Burton

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the phrase goes — and you most likely want your dating profile photo to evoke positive ones from those who view it. Just so you’re clear on how your main snapshot is being perceived, here’s what your profile photo tells potential meet-ups about who you are:

The Self-Taken, Filtered Shot: Instagram is awesome for transforming photos from mundane to artsy. But then there are those people who post photo after lens-filtered photo of themselves mugging for their own smartphone cameras on their social media accounts. When you put up an Intagram-ed, self-taken shot as your main pic, those who view it are going to think you’re one of those newsfeed-clogging photobombers who’s obsessed with his or her own image. Get someone, anyone, to take a photo of you — and please refrain from making the all-too-popular “duckface.”

The Shirtless Shot: While it’s good to know that you’ve got the goods — rock hard abs, an hourglass figure or just an all-around bangin’ bod — using a half-clad pic as your main photo shows that you don’t have much more to offer other than your physical assets. Sure, it’s great that you’re hot, but don’t let your looks be the most important thing about you.

The Incognito Shot: When your main photo includes you sporting a pair of silly glasses or rocking last year’s Halloween costume, you’re showing potential dates — and the world — that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Which can be a great way to preemptively break the ice and attract a meet-up date who isn’t afraid to think (or go) outside the box from time to time. With your photo, you’re saying: People with no sense of humor need not apply.

The Action Shot: If you play soccer (or lead guitar in your band), putting that information right into your profile photo shows that you’re passionate about other things in life aside from wanting to find a date — which is really attractive to those who are looking for a potential partner to add to their lives, not be their lives. Interesting people tend to attract their own kind, so don’t be afraid to show what makes you tick in your main pic.

The Calculated Shot: Snuggling with your dog in your profile pic is cute. Posing in your corner office or your car? Not so much. Sure, you might be really, really proud of finally graduating from your cubicle, or you could think of your sweet ride the way others think of man’s best friend. But you’ll come off as being obsessed with money and status — or worse, only attract those who are — if you try to make like a baller in your main photo.


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