She tells you about her checklist and other red flags guys shouldn’t ignore

By Natasha Burton

While first impressions can be deceiving — your date might be nervous or just had a bad day — your gut will tell you if a gal is worth pursuing. And if you don’t listen to it, you might realize after you two start dating that something that bugged you when you first went out is actually kinda a big deal.

Here are five red flags that guys need to look out for on a first date. While they may not all be bonafide deal breakers, you may want to keep these warning signs in mind to avoid issues down the road.

She tells you about her “checklist.”

Most women have some concept of what they want in a man beyond “tall, dark and handsome.” But a gal shouldn’t spend your first date explaining who you must be in order to make it to date number two. Any woman who focuses on her requirements instead of the guy in front of her is too wrapped up in herself and her perceived “needs” to appreciate all the great qualities you have that aren’t on her list.

Her interest in your job has more to do with merit increases than it does merit.

Some women have a way of asking about a man’s job in more of a financial sense than in an actually-interested-in-what-you-do-all-day sense. Beware of a gal who wants to know if your company gives bonuses, how nice your office building is, whether or not you have an office, or how quickly you’ve moved up. As Kanye West once proclaimed, “She ain’t nothin’ but a gold digger.”

She can’t play nice with other girls. 

Some women are always looking for a cat fight and you should know that a woman who hates on other women is usually too insecure to make a good girlfriend in the long run. (You can bet your bottom dollar that her your female friends and sisters will not be spared her nastiness). Beware if your date keeps referring to her co-worker as “that B” or gives the waitress the side-eye during your first meet-up.

Every story she tells somehow includes her ex boyfriend.

When a woman just gets out of a relationship, many of the recent stories might include another man — her ex. But if his name just keeps coming up over and over during your first meet-up, this doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s not over him — it might just be that she hasn’t had any other relevant or interesting experiences besides him. Which could be an issue in the future if you two start a relationship and she realizes that she hasn’t really had a life beyond the guys she’s dated.

She plays with her food instead of eating it.

Nerves can make people do the darndest things — including turn the contents of the bread basket into confetti without even realizing it. Still, guys should pay attention to the way a gal relates to the food in front of her: Body and food issues can affect a woman’s self-esteem and her ability to really be happy in her relationships. While this isn’t to say that you should blow a gal off if she only ordered a side salad during your dinner date, know that a woman’s relationship with food could be a bigger issue — and it will affect your relationship with her, should you embark upon one.



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3 responses to “She tells you about her checklist and other red flags guys shouldn’t ignore

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  2. Me and my boyfriend met onnile (Myspace as well) and we have been going out for almost 4 months. You can date onnile although some people say its not a real relationship. If you feel a really close connection to them, your good to go. (just make sure he is who he says he is) Long distance relationships are hard and not easy to go through but they are possible. You have to have ALOT of dedication, trust and a great amount of love for that person (assuming it is love and not infaturation)The relationship, I garuntee, will not last until you meet face to face and believe me, its the very best part until you have to leave them again. I met my boyfriend over Spring Break and it was soo hard leaveing him, but over the summer, I get to see him for a whole month :]Just make sure your parents know about it cause they are very helpful when it comes to seeing them and make sure you send pictures (no nudes) and call eachother often,keep the communication strong and see eachother as often as possible.Good luck.

  3. Nik

    I met my wife on online dantig advice I’d give is GIVE IT SOME TIME Don’t move too fast you may be sorry if you do,It’s not that bad compared to the alternatives bars, work, minute dates , etc . If you decide to meet face to face, make sure it’s in a public place, and someone else knows where you are.

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