Interracial Dating Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Enjoy this special post by guest blogger, Mary Wright, a New York City based matchmaker who specializes in matchmaking for alternative lifestyles  (interracial, gay and casual daters). Check out her website

New York City is culturally diverse so there’s a good chance you’ll be placed in a situation to accept or reject a date with a person of a different race. Interracial dating doesn’t have to be difficult. It generally comes down to proper dating etiquette. With a few simple steps, you can feel comfortable and confident about accepting or rejecting interracial dates.
  • Be open-minded – Love doesn’t discriminate and neither should you. We’ve all heard the cliches about love being blind. If in doubt, take a risk and give love a try.
  • Do some research – Use the Internet to discover information about your dates culture and traditions. It’s a great ice breaker to know something about your dates background.
  • Avoid stereotypes – Do not feed into the stereotypes that surround many racial groups. Stay neutral and get to know the individual because each person is unique in their own way.
  • Ask questions – Most people won’t mind telling you about their religion or their families original country of origin. Don’t assume, it’s safer to ask and learn.
  • Decline with tact – If you really don’t want to explore the possibilities of dating outside your own race, don’t beleaguer the process. Be polite and excuse yourself from the date before things go too far. You can simply say you’re not comfortable and no other explanation is really needed.
Hopefully, you’ll be able to expand your dating horizons. If it’s not a love connection, you can still make a new and interesting friend. Learning about other cultures helps expand your perspectives and broadens the mind. Remember, life is all about learning so try to make the best of an interesting experience.


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6 responses to “Interracial Dating Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

  1. Good tips. I believe one of the reasons why people are afraid to “jump the fence” is because of the stereotypes, many of them with a negative portrayal of a particular race.

    • enough. But bringing that kind of tinnkhig with you to the first date will make you a magnet for unrealistic expectations. It’s way too easy to attach larger-than-life expectations to what is “supposed to” happen

    • Doesn’t anyone go out ayromne? It used to be be people would meet people when they were out and start dating, now no one goes out to have fun?? Things are so different nowadays.

  2. Rob

    Interracial is alternative? Wow. I’m White and have been married to my Black wife for 16 years. I have worked for three well-known management consulting firms. She has worked for several well-known pharmaceutical companies. We are very much Acacia Avenue personified. You can’t get much further from alternative.

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