I represent Queens; she was raised out in Brooklyn: Inter-borough dating

By Dawn Papandrea

No one likes to shlepp across bridges, tunnels, or tons of traffic to go on a date, but when your new love interest lives in another borough, it can definitely be worth the extra effort. Think of it this way — the two of you have tripled your date idea options – your borough, his/her borough, and of course, the neutral ground of “the city.” Here are some tips from making a NYC-style long-distance relationship work…

Compromise dating commutes – Whether it involves paying a toll to get there (i.e. taking the Verrazano-Narrows bridge to Staten Island) or dealing with traffic jams on the dreaded BQE or Belt Parkway, don’t always expect your date to come to you. Be sure to at least offer to change things up, or make this deal: whoever the commuter is gets treated to dinner.

Have a GPS and cell phone handy – The last thing you want to do in some neighborhoods is make a wrong turn and end up completely lost. If you’re meeting somewhere in your date’s home base that you’re not familiar with, get good directions beforehand, and have the address ready to plug into your GPS app or car’s navigation system just in case.

Don’t forget about parking – Depending on the borough and whether or not driveways and parking lots are widely available, going to visit your new mate at his/her home could be hazardous to your road rage health. In other words, be prepared to spend some time circling, looking for the perfect spot. As inter-borough couples will attest, sometimes it’s just best for both of you to base your date night destination around the parking potential.

Play tour guide – Have your date host you on a tour of his or her favorite places, and you do the same. Try to make a case as to why your borough has the best pizza place (mmm… Brooklyn’s Grimaldis!) or best beach (Jacob Riis Park and Rockaway Beach in Queens are popular ones to try).

Have fun with rivalries – Speaking of whose borough rules, a queens vs. bronx love affair is a perfect excuse to take in a ball game at your rival’s ballpark (the Mets’ Citifield in Flushing or Yankee Stadium in the Bronx).

Give yourself a reality check – You don’t live that far away from each other, and there are so many different routes to try. Within the five boroughs, you can likely even get to each via public transportation.

Think of your borough romance as an adventure, and enjoy exploring a whole new part of New York City culture, while getting to know your partner. And remember, it could always be worse — you could be dating someone from Jersey!



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2 responses to “I represent Queens; she was raised out in Brooklyn: Inter-borough dating

  1. The basic idea of the blog is great. And may I say kind of funny!

  2. Funny video! Kind of true in my experiences. Asian women DONT like weidnress, loudness or behaviour that is Chu Lu or Meio Sui Suen. They expect to be courted by someone with some class. If there is a secret to success here, it is to be patient in developing the relationship and try to be as unperturbable as a Buddhist monk. A man seeking this is to be cautioned that the only other women in his life, past a point, will be relatives and he will be expected to place family above all else.

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