Safe foods for an impromptu date

By Dawn Papandrea

There’s enough to be nervous about when meeting someone for a impromptu date. Will he look as cute in person as he does in  his profile?  Does this dress make me look classy or  conservative? Will she think I’m too old for her? Will she even show up?  With all that to think about, that’s why it’s good to have a food game plan in mind. After all, you’d hate for a case of “spinach tooth” or seemingly poor table manners to get in the way of an otherwise promising evening.

Here are some safe food choices for an impromptu date…

– Go for something that’s a safe choice in terms of your personal taste, such as grilled chicken, steak, pasta, or seafood. Meeting someone for the first time isn’t the best time to experiment with exotic flavors or dishes you’ve never had before. You wouldn’t want your date to see your “yuck” face the first time you meet, and having to send your entree back can be uncomfortable.

– Stick with fork-and-knife entrees as opposed to messy finger foods. That’s not to say you can’t order a burger or panini, but if you do, utensils are a better option than having your date watch pickles, tomatoes and ketchup fall all over your plate.

– Choose a dish in between the most expensive and least expensive item on the menu. Especially if you’re not the one paying, you will come across as pushy if you order surf and turf and the most expensive bottle of wine. On the flipside, you don’t want to make your date feel awkward by just ordering a side salad when he or she is getting an appetizer and a main course.

As for foods to avoid, here are a list of first-date dining don’ts…

– Watch out for foods that are potential “stank breath”  inducers, like anything cooked with a lot of garlic or onion.

– Super slippery and saucy choices like ribs or buffalo wings are better choices for family barbeques than first dates. Oh, and corn on the cob… that’s never a good idea!

– You know what your stomach can handle, so refrain from tempting fate with things that might not agree with you, whether it’s Indian cuisine, gassy vegetables, cream sauces, or fried foods. Proceed with caution.

– Sushi. Japanese food can be a great first-date choice; just be selective when ordering since items that have to be eaten in one big bite will not make for your sexiest moment.

There you have it. Just like other elements of your impromptu date, you’ll want to take things slow when it comes to adventurous eating. By enjoying your first meal together without any food faux pas, you’ll get to move onto the next phase in your relationship — the one in which you can confidently chow down on tacos and hero sandwiches without worry.



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2 responses to “Safe foods for an impromptu date

  1. Those are wonderful tips for an impromptu date, I cannot hardly disagree with you with those garlic and onion rich foods, your breath probably wouldn’t be pleasant due to those food items. While all the tips here are very helpful, if your date truly wanted a good relationship with you, and is obviously attracted with you, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything.

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